Udne Ki Aasha 11th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 11th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali asking Sachin if he will not give the whole money then the lender will get angry with him.

Sachin asks her to not worry and he tells her that the lender has a very good technique of snatching money from people.

Sayali asks him to give half of the money and asks him to allow him to give the rest of the money later on so Sachin says that he wants her to give the money because he will not yell at her.

Meanwhile, Sayali feels good seeing confidence in Sachin’s eye for her after that they reach the temple and Sachin asks her to come fast and he gives her the half money and asks her to give it to him.

Shakhu and Renu also come to the same temple and Shakhu notices that man and asks Renu to come along with her to take his blessings then Paresh also comes there so they decide to go there after doing pooja.

Renu notices that the man is the lender from whom she took the loan and she runs away from there after that he also runs behind her while Sayali asks another man what happened.

After that, Sachin asks Sayali why didn’t she give the money to him so she tells him that the man ran behind a lady who took a loan from her.

Shakhu asks her why is she afraid of him then Renu says that she hasn’t given this month interest to him that man again comes there after that Renu runs from there he asks Shakhu to bring her.

Sayali becomes terrified and she asks Sachin to give the money on his own after that Sachin asks her to help him so she agrees to help him.

The lender asks Renu to bring her whole family members as a witness after that Renu says that she needs so while the lender says that if she tries to act cleverly then he will take away Shakhu’s home too.

Renu becomes terrified and goes away from there while Roshni asks Tejas when will he find a new job whereas the thief again starts his Tapasya so Sachin asks Sayali to give him the money.

Sayali gives money him after that Sachin also comes there and he assures him that he will return the money on time Renu notices Sayali and Sachin talking to the lender which makes them anxious.

Later, Sayali again receives an opportunity to work and she becomes happy whereas Shakhu asks Renu to confirm from Sayali if she knows the lender whereas Sachin gets to know that it was Sudhakar who damaged his car.

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