Udne Ki Aasha 11th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 11th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Renu calling Aaksh and telling him that she was tired last night that's why she didn't call him last night.

She asks him what is he doing after that he tells her that he is at Sayali's home which makes her angry and she asks him what is he doing over there.

Akash feels embarrassed as Shobha and Juhi are sitting beside him while Renu asks him to go from there and she curses them while Akash cuts the call and Renu wonders why Shobha would have called him.

Later, Renu cleans the floor and asks Sayali if Aaji has woken up, after which Sayali tells her that she is awakened and has gone to the temple.

Renu cleans the floor and she is about to wash it with water but Sayali tells her that they don't directly wash it instead they apply cow's dung mixed in water for cleaning purposes.

Aaji praises Sayali and goes from there after that Renu complains to Paresha and says that she did the cleaning but Aaji praises Sayali and then asks her to do the things on her own if she wants money from Aaji.

Renu cannot apply the cow dung on the floor after which Sayali says that she will do it but Renu does not allow her to do so and Sachin comes over there and makes fun of Renu.

Sachin says that Renu has fallen in cow's dung and asks Paresh to get her up from there after which Paresh tells him that she is cleaning the floor with it.

Meanwhile, Sachin is surprised to see that Renu is doing such work while he argues with Sayali after some time which hurts her.

Later, Renu asks Paresh for a loan from Aaji for Tejas' wedding, after which he says he won't be asking for any money from her.

He asks her to do the things on her own after that he tells her that Aaji is praising her which makes Renu happy and he asks her to ask Aaji what to do next.

Renu goes to meet Aaji and asks her to rest and she will do all the work while Sayali comes there and says that she is going to cook food after that Renu says that she will cook the food.

Sachin is again shocked to see Renu saying that she will cook the food while Juhi goes to Akash's restaurant and tells him that she heard whatever Renu said after which he asks for an apology on her behalf.

Renu does not understand how to cook homemade chula and she starts coughing while Sachin pulls her legs and starts laughing.

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