Udne Ki Aasha 12th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 12th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with the Police catching Sachin in a drink and drive case after which he argues with the inspector and constable.

On the other hand, Sayali expresses her fear to Aaji that she should have at least thought for a second time before deciding to marry Tejas because after marriage she won't be able to look after her family.

Aaji explains to her that she can look after them after marriage too after which Sayali says that Tejas is well educated but she is just intermediate which makes her feel bad in front of Tejas.

On the other hand, the inspector asks Sachin to pay the fine of ten thousand but Sachin argues and gets involved in a fight with Inspector after which the constable beats Sachin.

Aaji tells her story to Sayali and asks her not to worry as god is there to look after everyone while Sayali tells her that until Alok was alive everything was perfect in her life but after his demise everything has been messed up.

Just then, Aaji starts coughing after which Sayali goes to bring lukewarm water for her whereas Renu goes into Shakuntala's room and tells her that Jyoti became angry over her when she got to know that Sayali is a florist.

Shakuntala tells her that Sayali will be in her control forever so she should not overthink whereas Tejas calls Isha and tells her that he cannot wait to spend his whole life with her.

Isha lies to him that she is also very happy after which Tejas decides to come to her place but she asks him to come directly in the morning after which he asks her to talk to him on call for the whole night.

Meanwhile, Sayali gives lukewarm water to Sayali while Aaji tells Sayali that she finds her a pure soul with a pure heart and mature mind and she gives lots of blessings to Sayali.

On the other hand, Renu and Shakuntala come to see Sayali but they get to know that Sayali is sitting along with Aaji after which Shakuntala asks Renu to take control over Sayali after marriage otherwise she will snatch everyone from her.

Sachin asks the Inspector to return his car as he has to go back home because Tejas wedding is there tomorrow but the inspector tells him that he cannot leave him.

The inspector tells him that instructions have been given to him to arrest him after which he puts Sachin behind the bar where Sachin meets his friends.

Sachin tells them whatever happened to him after which he starts playing cards with them and enjoys whereas the constable looks after him.

On next day, Aaji tells Paresh that his decision to choose Sayali as Tejas's wife is very good and she tells him that Sayali is very mature.

Paresh also agrees to her while Sayali brings tea for Aaji but she finds Parseh over there after which she tells him that she will bring tea for him too.

Later, Sayali and her family recall Alok while Shobha starts crying while missing Alok after which her neighbors try to console her.    

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