Udne Ki Aasha 12th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 12th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Renu struggling to cook food while Sachin makes fun of her and goes from there.

Later, Sayali helps her cook and cook the food by herself in place of Renu after that she asks her not to tell Aaji that she cooked the food which makes Sayali angry.

Sayali tells her that she does not like to lie and takes someone else's credit and that she won't lie to Aaji after which Renu reminds her that she has to come to her home after some time.

Then, Sayali gives a befitting reply to her and says that Aaji is very clever and soon she will get to know about her truth which makes Renu angry while Sayali advises her to become good in real life.

Renu notices Shakhu's call on her phone after which she is about to call her when Sachin comes there then she tells him to have breakfast as it has been cooked but Sachin asks her the reason why she came over there and what is her motive behind becoming so sweet.

Sachin stares at her but she does not tell him anything and goes to attend Shakhu's call she tells her that she is doing a lot of household chores so that she can impress Aaji so that she can give money to her.

Renu expresses her concern to Shakhu and says Shobha called Aaksh at her house which is making her anxious after that Shaku asks her to not worry and to focus on impressing Aaji.

After that, Renu shows her burns on hand and asks Paresh to ask for money from Aaji as they have to make arrangements for the wedding then Paresh again repeats the same thing and asks her to keep on doing the work if she wants money.

Renu goes to do the dishes while Roshni asks Tejas why didn't he give the interview then he tells her that he felt uncomfortable with four ladi interviewers.

Roshni tells him to not worry and to do something so that they can have a good future while Sayali complains about Sachin from Aaji and tells her that today he has pestered her and Renu al.

Sachin tells Aaji that Renu is doing all these things for a motive while Renu comes over there and she gives a massage to Aaji after which she asks Renu to let Sayali do it.

Renu tells Sayali that she gives a good massage and she does it ruthlessly after which Sachin asks her to do it softly after that Renu directly asks for money from Aaji and Sachin taunts her for it.

Aaji assures Renu that whatever money she has earned from farming she will give it to her so that she can spend it in Tejas's wedding.

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