Udne Ki Aasha 13th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 13th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Shobha introducing Shweta and her other friends to Renuka but she makes fun of them to make Shobha feel bad.

Meanwhile, one of the friends of Shobha gives a befitting reply to Renuka to shut her mouth which makes Renuka angry but Shakuntala asks Renuka not to get angry on the occasion of Tejas's wedding.

she suggests Renuka wait for the marriage and show control over Sayali after marriage and make her feel like a maid after which Renuka smirks and starts thinking about it.

On the other hand, Shobha goes to meet Sayalia and she becomes emotional after seeing Sayali dressed up as a bride while Juhi also praises Sayali's beauty.

Shobha puts a black teeka behind Sayali's neck whereas Sayali's neighbors also come to see Sayali and one of them says that she will miss Sayali after which Sayali assures her that she will keep on coming back to the house after marriage.

Then, Sweta says that every bride says such things before marriage but once they get married they don't get much time while Aaji and Paresh come there after which other people go from there.

Sayali takes their blessings after which Aaji asks Sayali to eat something otherwise she will feel weak so she feeds Puranpoli to Sayali with her hands which brings tears to Sayali's eyes.

Aaji asks Sayali what gift she wants from her after which Sayali tells her that she does not want anything from her as she is blessed to have an Aaji like her.

After that, Aaji insists Sayali tell her what she wants after which Sayali tells Aaji that her heart is so big after which Aaji tells her that now Sayali is part of their family so she wants to do everything for her.

Aaji invites Sayali to come village after marriage for a few rituals after which Sayali assures her that she will come for sure while Renuka refuses to click pictures.

Meanwhile, Isha and Tejas wait for the cheque amount as it hasn't come yet whereas Shakuntala and Renuka come to see Tejas after which they notice that Tejas isn't ready yet.

Renuka asks Tejas if he is not happy with his wedding then she can cancel it but he tells her that if they do so then Paresh will not give money to him due to which his dream of starting the business will get affected.

After that, he goes from there while Shakuntala asks Renuka to accept Sayali for Tejas whereas Sachin requests the police to let him go whereas Aaji does some pooja.

Tejas meets Paresh after which he asks Tejas to come outside for pooja so Tejas tells him that he will come in a few minutes while Sayali does pooja along with Aaji.

On the other hand, Isha is about to escape from the city but Tejas calls her and says that he wants to come and meet her while she tells him that she is waiting for him and the cheque to get cleared.

Meanwhile, a senior inspector comes after which Sachin requests him to let him go from there whereas Tejas goes for pooja along with Sayali after which Sudhakar comes there along with his goons which makes Sayali anxious.    

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