Udne Ki Aasha 13th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 13th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Aaji giving money for Tejas's wedding after which Sachin asks her to not waste money on Tejas as he will again run along with the money.

Renu becomes angry and says that Sachin never wants Tejas to have good things in life after that Aaji asks Sachin to let her contribute something to Tejas's wedding.

She gives money to Renu and asks her to be careful with Tejas this time she goes to bring a rickshaw while Paresh asks Aaji to come home one week before Tejas's wedding.

After that, Sachin says that he will also go along with them while Aaji stops him and asks him to stay over there for one more week unless Sayali gets well.

Sachin agrees with her and again says that she did wrong by allowing Renu to have the money then Paresh tells him that when he came there then only he informed Aaji that Renu had come there for money.

Sayali and Sachin become shocked while Aaji laughs and says that she knows Renu very well that's why she asks her to do all the household chores after that Aaji discusses with Paresh that still Sachin and Sayali do not live like husband and wife.

Paresh says that's why he sent them over there so that she can bring them close to each other after which Aaji asks him to not worry and she asks Sayali to drop Paresh and Renu at the rickshaw.

After that, she asks Sayali to get ready to go to the temple while Akash talks to Joe's daughter again and she tells him the things that he did to her when they met on the road after that he realizes that she is that girl only which irritates him.

Akash asks himself to not be so judgmental and he tries to change her mindset and asks her what she wants to have today while she makes a sketch of him and sends it to him and asks him to slap him if he finds him anywhere.

On the other hand, Sachin and Sayali go to the temple and they go on a bridge while Sayali tells him that she loves staying there then Sachin asks her to stay there along with Aaji.

Sayali feels bad and asks him if he will not feel bad if she does not come along with him then he tells her that he is having Paresh and his taxi over there so he can live peacefully.

Later on, Sayali meets Krish and both start playing but she twists her leg while finding Krish's ball in the water and she drowns inside after which Sachin saves her and she gets impressed while Aaji scolds Sachin for not looking after Sayali.

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