Udne Ki Aasha 13th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 13th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali telling Renu that she has completed everything after which Renu asks her to prepare dinner.

Sayali says that she didn't do anything for dinner as she had only asked her to not do anything without her permission after that Renu scolds her for doing things without her permission.

Then, Sayali asks her what she did after which Renu tells her why she called Shakhu and asks her whether she bought lunch for Shakhu or not.

After that, Sayali says that Shakhu is like her Kaaku so she calls her to ask about her health updates after which Renu asks her why is she interfering with her matters.

Renu warns her and asks her to stay away from people who are close to her otherwise she shows her the real side of her mother-in-law then Sayali asks her what will she do with her.

Then, Renu becomes offended and murmurs that she is arguing with her after which she tells Sayali that she is married to Sachin only he will show her hell.

After that, Sayali goes to her room and recalls that her homeowner has asked Shobha to vacate the house in two weeks which makes her tense.

Sachin comes there secretly and asks Sayali if Paresh has slept or not after which Sayali tells him that he is sleeping then he is about to drink the alcohol.

Meanwhile, Sayali gets angry and asks him how can he drink the alcohol peacefully after which he yells at Sayali and asks her why she thinks that he is drinking alcohol peacefully.

She tells him that the house owner has asked Shobha to vacate the house in two weeks but Sachin does not react after which Sayali throws the alcohol bottle from his hand which makes him angry and he pushes her.

Just then, Shobha calls Sayali and tells her that she is blessed to have Sachin in her life after which Sayali asks her what is she saying then Shobha explains to her everything that Sachin came to her house and gave a new bucket to them.

She also tells her that Sachin went to the owner's house and asked for an apology from him and requested him to let Shobha live in the chawl and the owner was convinced after which Sayali asked her if she was telling the truth.

Then, Shobha tells her that Sachin behaved really very well and she also tells Sayali that she is living with a very good man after that she cuts the call.

Sayali asks Sachin why didn't he tell her that he went to the owner's house and why didn't tell her after which Sachin says that she didn't give him a chance to tell her.

She thanks him after which he scolds her for throwing his bottle after that Sayali asks him to go near the drawer and open it then he finds alcohol in it and asks her if she also drinks it.

Then, Sayali tells him that while cleaning the house she found it after that Sachin becomes happy while Sayali goes to her house on next day and meets Shobha, and after returning she finds Renu there so she follows her.

Sayali finds Renu meeting Tejas and she becomes anxious about why Tejas has been hidden there then she returns home and thinks about it.

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