Udne Ki Aasha 14th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 14th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Paresh asking Kishor what happened after which he tells him that his wife is having a heart ailment.

Paresh asks him if he did the test for her or not then Kishor asks him to give some money so that he can conduct a test on her wife after which Paresh says that he does not have such a huge amount right now.

After that, he thinks that he will ask his tenant to give money in advance so he goes to ask for money after that he gets to know that Renu has already taken the advance of three months from him.

Then, Paresh returns and tells Kishor that he is not able to arrange money for him after that Kishor says that he will arrange it from somewhere while Paresh also says that he will also try to arrange money.

Sayali asks Paresh whether the tenant gave money or not then Paresh tells her that Renu has already taken the advance money after that he wonders who is a friend of Renu for whom she is doing so much.

Then, Sayali tells him that Renu is giving money to Tejas and she goes daily to meet him and she tells him that he saw her going to meet Tejas after which Paresh gets angry and he directly goes to see Tejas.

Tejas and Renu become shocked to see Paresh over there Paresh enters the house beats Tejas and says that Renu has also ditched him along with Paresh.

Renu asks for an apology from him and says that Tejas was living in very bad condition so she couldn't stop herself from giving money to him.

Paresh asks Tejas why he ditched him and Sayali after which Tejas says that he made a mistake but Paresh beats him and says that he did a lot for him even not thinking about Sachin and Aakash.

He asks Tejas why he ditched Sayali and her family after that he mentions Tejas as selfish while Renu tries to interrupt in between but Paresh says that Tejas has learned to become selfish from her.

Renu asks him to believe in her but Paresh says that he will never trust her again and he says that she had helped Tejas from running away from Mandap after that he starts crying and asks how much time they took to plan.

Then, Renu says that she met Tejas a few days ago while Paresh says that Tejas is dead for him and he only has two sons Aakash and Sachin Tejas asks for an apology from him.

Paresh asks him to return his money while Renu tells him that Tejas does not have money after that Paresh scolds both of them and returns to the house.

After that Sayali calls Renu and insists she return home after which Renu comes home along with Tejas then Paresh says that he will allow him only when he asks for an apology from Sayali while Sachin comes there and starts beating him.

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