Udne ki Aasha 15th May 2024 Written Update

Udne ki Aasha 15th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne ki Aasha episode starts with Tejas asking for an apology from Sayali after which Renu asks Paresh whether Tejas can come or not.

Paresh does not say anything while Renu is about to take Tejas inside the house but Sachin comes over there and stops Tejas from going inside the home.

Sachin starts beating him ruthlessly and does not stop after which Renu requests Paresh to ask Sachin to stop but Paresh ignores her,

Then, Renu asks Sayali to stop him but she also ignores her and she recalls how Shobha was crying when Tejas left the mandap after that Renu yells at Sachin then he stops and starts yelling at Renu.

Sachin asks Tejas why he left Sayali in mandap and asks Renu why she bro him in the house after that Renu does not have any answer for him.

Meanwhile, Sachin yells at Tejas and asks him what happened to his degree list while Renu tells Sachin not argue to with his elder brother but Sachin asks her to not interrupt in between.

Then, Renu tells Sachin that Tejas is living in the worst condition but Sachin does not pa attention to it and again starts beating him after that he asks Tejas to return the money that he took from Paresh.

Sayali becomes shocked to hear that Tejas demanded twenty lakh rupees to marry her after that Sachin tells everything to Sayali while she is shocked to hear it and stares at Paresh and starts crying.

Sachin says that Paresh thinks that Tejas will take good care of her but Tejas shows his true color to everyone and he ran along with the money after that Sachin asks Tejas to give the money.

Tejas says that he does not have the money after that Sachin says that unless he brings the money he won't be allowed to live in the house and he drags Tejas by his collar and throws him out of the house.

Renu requests Paresh to do something but he also ignores after that she goes out then Sachin holds Renu's hand and takes her inside and locks the door from inside whereas Tejas requests her to open the door otherwise he will suicide.

Then, Renu becomes terrified and she requests Paresh to let Tejas come inside the house but he does not say anything after that she requests Sayali but she goes from there after that Renu requests Sachin to open the door.

She joins hands in front of him and asks him to open the door for her after that he recalls that she never considered him as her son but Sachin becomes emotional and gives the key to Renu after that she opens the door and brings Tejas inside while Roshmi goes for her work and she receives a call from her mother so she gets busy talking to her.

On the other hand, Renu promises Sachin that Tejas will return the money after that she murmurs that she will throw Sayali out of the house soon.

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