Udne Ki Aasha 16th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 16th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with everyone waiting for Sachin to come back home on time but he does not come after which everyone goes back to their home.

Meanwhile, Sayali complains to Aaji and says that Sachin always does the same things and he is not interested in her that's why he does the same thing every time.

She says that she has stopped having expectations from him after that Aaji assures her that Sachin will come back and she meets his friend and gets to know that Sachin has gone back to Mumbai.

He tells her everything that has happened and how police stopped his car mid-way, checked his car, and got to know that there was alcohol in the car.

After that, his friend ran from there while Sachin asked him to not do so instead he should have stopped there as the police would anyhow get back to him and taken away his car.

Sachin says that he will do something to bring back the car whereas Sayali feels bad for Sachin and thinks of going back to Mumbai to help Sachin while Aaji says that she cannot allow her alone.

Aaji says that she cannot allow her to go alone while Sayali says that she can go on her own Aaji says that she will call Paresh and ask him to take her from there whereas Sayali tells her that Paresh is busy with work and with the wedding things so he cannot come back.

Sayali says that she will go there and help Sachin whereas Sachin reaches Mumbai and gets to know that the police have arrested his friend after which he also goes there to bring him back.

Meanwhile, Sayali reaches Mumbai and she tries to call him but he cuts her call as he is busy thinking about his friend then she calls Aaksh and asks about Sachin but he says that he is not aware of him coming back to Mumbai which makes Sayali feel tensed.

On the other hand, Sachin reaches the police station to meet his friend and he got to meet him and he talks to the police for his friend but the inspector does not listen to him and starts beating him because he tries to defend his friend.

Sayali also reaches there and takes a stand for Sachin and tells the inspector that Sachin is innocent and asks him to let Sachin go while the inspector keeps on beating him for raising his hand at the police officer.

Later, Aaksh comes there to do Sachin's bail but the inspector refuses after which Sayali asks for an apology on Sachin's behalf and Juhi also requests the inspector to let Sachin go from there whereas Sachin asks Sayali to not beg in front of anyone.

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