Udne Ki Aasha 16th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 16th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Neelam coming to meet Sayali and she takes her to give a treat to her.

Sayali asks her what treat means after which Neelam takes her for a pani puri party and tells her that her engagement has been fixed.

After that, Sayali congratulates her while Neelam asks her to get married soon explaining to her that it is the right time to get married.

On the other hand, Paresh comes to party along with Sachin and everyone praises Paresh after which his manager comes there along with his wife.

In the meantime, Sayali also reaches there along with a floral garland for Paresh’s retirement but she meets Sachin, and an argument takes place between them.

After that, the clerk comes there and takes away the garland from her hand after which the retirement ceremony begins and the staff member counts on Paresh’s good deed that he has done in the last forty years for his department.

After that, he calls Kishor ji to give a speech for Paresh ji's retirement after which Kishor ji counts on everything that Paresh did everything for the railway department.

Everyone claps when his speech ends and after that senior manager comes on the stage and praises Paresh Ji but later on demeaning him saying that he was a junior of Paresh but now he has become his senior manager.

Joe taunts Paresh for not studying further which makes Renuka feel embarrassed and she murmurs why she married him while Joe says that Paresh is satisfied with the little things in his life.

Sachin gets angry and he is about to fight with Joe but Akash stops him after which Sachin throws away the table while everyone asks Paresh to say something.

Paresh comes onto the stage and expresses his heartfelt gratitude towards the railway department and he gives a befitting reply to Joe saying that he is satisfied with his work and that he never earned anything by wrong means which embares the manager and his wife.

Sachin claps for his father's speech after that everyone has dinner whereas Sayali's mother and younger sister worry for Baadu who is her younger son.

In the meantime, Sayali comes there and asks her mother what happened after which her sister tells her that Baadu hasn't come yet.

Just then, he comes there after which Sayali asks him where was he whereas Paresh asks Renuka to meet Joe's wife but she refuses and says that she has insulted her ten years ago so she will not talk to her.

Then, Paresh insists her on meeting after which she goes to meet but again she insults Renuka asking how she tolerated Paresh for forty years as he never gave time to her which provokes Sachin's anger and he yells at her.

Joe gets angry and warns him after which Paresh asks Sachin to calm down and he asks Joe for an apology on Sachin's behalf but his wife says that she will send Sachin to jail.

After that, Sachin again yells at her while Tejas also comes in his support after which Paresh joins hands in front of the manager and his wife while Sachin asks Paresh to not beg in front of useless people like them.

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