Udne Ki Aasha 16th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 16th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayli recalling Sachin's word that Tejas agreed to marry her by taking twenty-seven lakhs by Paresh but at last, he ran away.

After that, she complains to God for not giving happiness in her married life with Sachin after which she wonders if her marriage with Sachin will work.

Then, suddenly a flower falls from god's garland which Sayali thinks is a sign of God that things will happen in the right direction then she determines that she will make every effort from her side to make her marriage successful.

She goes out and asks Sachin if he had dinner or not after that he tells her that he is not willing to eat anything then he also asks Sayali if she had dinner or not.

Sachin says that after seeing Tejas's face his mood has been ruined while a cycle rings after which Sayali takes him there whereas Renu asks Tejas why he is not coming out of the room.

Tejas says that he is not able to face anyone and her says that he felt bad after being slapped by Sachin whereas Renu says that she has joined hands in front of Sachin to allow him to live along with them.

Renu asks Tejas to find a job so that family members can believe that he will return the money on time after that he tells her that he has received a job opportunity from one place.

He says that he has to join from tomorrow which makes Renu happy and says that soon they will have the power of the whole house in their hands.

Renu says that everything happened just because of Sayali so she will not let Sayali live in their house peacefully whereas Sayali goes to drink tea with Sachin in the street.

She asks Sachin to have it but he initially refuses after which he likes it when he drinks and becomes happy then he gives money to the uncle who is serving.

Afterward, Sachin asks her how she agreed to marry Tejas after which she tells him that when Alok passed nothing was clear in her life then suddenly she received Tejas's Rishta and Shobha forced her to marry him.

Sayali tells him that she decided to marry after Juhi and Dilip's education was completed but due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to marry early.

On the next day, Sachin reminds Tejas that he has only a few months to return his money after that Tejas goes and sits beside Paresh but Sachin pulls his chair and he falls.

Sachin tells him that he sits beside Paresh now after which Tejas sits along with Renu but Sayali does not serve breakfast to him and he feels offended then he gets up from the chair and goes away from there.

On the other hand, Roshmi tells her friend that she is going to give a massage to the big owner of an empire and tells her friend that the lady gives her five thousand per massage.

Her friend suggests she settle down and open a parlor but Roshmi says that first, she will make her career and then marry after that she goes to work while Tejas also goes there for work but he leaves the job because her boss behaves unprofessionally him.

He tells this thing to his family after which Sachin makes fun of him and asks him to get afraid of god.



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