Udne Ki Aasha 17th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 17th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali crying and assuring Schin that she will remove him from jail after that Sachin asks her to not cry.

Askash tells Sachin that she is worried for her after that she asks Ganesh where he took the passenger then he tells her everything.

Sayali says that someone has done it intentionally to put Sachin in trouble while the Inspector asks them to go back after which Sayali holds Sachin's hand and assures him that she will not let him stay there for a longer time.

Sachin feels good when Sayali thinks a lot for him and he looks into her eyes and can see love for him in it after that Sayali asks the constable what should they do to remove Sachin from Jail.

The constable tells her that it is difficult after that she asks Aaksh if he knows anyone who can help them and Akash says that he does not have any such contact.

Then, they go over to the place from where Ganesh took the passenger after that she notices a CCTV over there so Sayali goes to the shop where the CCTV is there and asks him to help her.

Sayali and Aaksh watch the footage and she gets to know that Sudhakar is behind this after that she goes to Sudhakar's place along with Aaksh and Juhi and asks them to not tell Sachin about it.

They go to Sudhakar's house and there they get to know that he is not at his house and has gone somewhere else while Riya calls Aaksh and asks him to send something special to eat but Aaksh says that he is stuck in his problem.

Riya asks him to her what happened after which he tells her everything then she asks him to come to one location along with Sayali so he goes there and introduces everyone to Riya.

Then, Riya tells them that her friend's father is an inspector so they can get help from him so she talks to her friend's mother and Sayali tells everything to her.

Riya's friend's mother asks her how can she trust them then Sayali tells her that she has proof of Sachin's innocence and she tells about her and asks her to help them and she holds her mangalsutra in her hand and says that she is not lying.

After that, Riya's friend's mother gets convinced and she gives the order to the inspector to relieve Sachin from lockup while the Inspector does not return the key of the car to him until he brings the real culprit.

Aaksh says that he will not go back to Pune unless they sort out the issue after which Sayali insists him go back and assures him that she will look after the things over there and she takes Sachin back home so that he can rest.

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