Udne Ki Aasha 17th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Dilip coming home after which Sayali's mother and she asks him where was he.

After that, he goes where his father is sitting and starts complaining to him for not purchasing a bike for him as due to it he has to travel by local train.

He curses his father for not giving him a luxurious life as his friends live which hurts his father and he also taunts his father as to why he gave him birth knowing that he couldn't fulfill his basic demands.

Sayali's father feels bad and refuses to eat food after which Sayali's mother requests him to not go without eating food because he has taken diabetes medicine.

He goes from there after which Sayali's mother scolds Dilip and says that if anything wrong happens to his father then she will not leave him.

Meanwhile, Dilip murmurs that he will change his destiny on his own and purchase a bike after which he leaves the house.

On the other hand, Paresh and his family reach home after which Sachin asks Renuka to do an aarti of Paresh before he enters to house but she refuses and says that he has done nothing except make her feel embarrassed.

Renuka goes inside the house while Sachin brings the aarti thaal and does the aarti of Paresh and applies tilak on his forehead and hugs his father.

Later, they enter inside while Renuka makes a weird face and taunts Paresh which provokes Sachin's anger and he lashes out at his mother for always demeaning his father.

She insults Sachin and mentions him as a goon which hurts him while Tejas says that Joe will stop Paresh's provident fund and pension.

Sachin says that if Joe dares to do such a thing then he will give a death warrant to him after which Renuka yells at him and curses herself for being his mother.

Paresh gets angry and tells Renuka that the major reason for arguments in their family is not Sachin after which she asks him to tell her who is responsible.

He is about to take her name but Sachin stops him after which Paresh tells Sachin that he will buy a new bike for him after which he goes for an interview with Railway and starts his career.

Meanwhile, Tejas convinces Renuka and asks her to give Paresh's retirement money from which he can start his business again and Renuka agrees to him.

Later, on the next day, Sachin comes with his new bike for pooja and buys garland from Sayali's shop but again both get involved in an argument while Sayali's father gets hit by the coconut that Sachin throws.

Sayali scolds him while he returns home and asks for blessings from his family whereas Renuka says that Sachin will sell the bike and drink alcohol with that money.

Sachin ignores her whereas Tejas returns home and asks Paresh for what post in railways has Sachin applied after which Paresh tells him that he has filled out the form of helper.

Renuka taunts Sachin and says that this job will suit Sachin.

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