Udne Ki Aasha 17th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 17th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin making fun of Tejas and asking who is the girl who left him along with his money.

He asks Tejas to show his photo but Tejas says that he has deleted it after which Sachin starts laughing and saying that where was his professional degree mind that he hype every time.

Renu asks Sachin to not make fun of him and she curses Ishika for ditching Tejas and running along with his money but Sachin says that first of all god will curse Tejas then Ishika.

Sachin sings the song and laughs at Tejas after that he asks Sayali to not do anything for Tejas and if Renu asks her to do anything then gives her poison which surprises Renu.

Sayali starts laughing while Sachin laughs and mocks Tejas whereas Renu goes to the temple along with Shakhu and she tells her that she wants to find a girl for Tejas so that he can move on in his life.

Shakhu asks her why is she searching girl for Tejas after that Renu tells her that she wants Tejas to overcome his past and live happily.

Then she goes inside the temple and asks Pan ji to do the pooja whereas Sayali notices her and she goes behind her while Pandit ji asks Renu to tell the names and zodiac signs of people in her family.

Renu tells everyone's name except Sachin which hurts Sayali after which she conducts pooja for Sachin and asks god to take care of him and says that he deserves all the things in his life.

After that, Sayali returns home and makes garland while Sachin comes there and says that earlier alcohol's smell used to come from his room but now the flower fragrance comes.

He praises Sayali for making garland so fast after which she tells him that she has been doing it since childhood and she can do it even by closing her eyes.

Sachin asks her to do it after which she closes her eyes and makes the garland after that Sachin praises her and says that he will also drive a car in this way by closing his eyes so that he can do things fast but Sayali asks him to never do such things.

After that, he asks her to teach him how to make the garland but he is not able to make it after that he decides to go from there but she stops him and puts tilak on his forehead and says that she conducted pooja in the temple on his name.

Sachin becomes surprised to hear it while Sayali says that she was making garlands for conducting pooja in his name after that she asks him to not drink and drive whereas Renu tells Paresh that she wants Tejas to get married soon.

Paresh says that he will not support her in this whereas Tejas meets Roshmi and discusses about his boss who fired him from his job while Sachin scolds Sayali for pestering her which hurts Sayali.

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