Udne Ki Aasha 18th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 18th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Renu calling Roshmi and telling her that she invited everyone to her wedding and that guests are excited to meet her.

After that, she asks her to come along with her for wedding shopping after which Roshmi again tries to be sweet with her and asks her to not waste money on these things.

Roshmi asks her to give her wedding saree to her as she wants to wear it to her wedding after which Renu asks her why is she interested in it.

Then, Roshmi says that she wants to live a life like her after which Renu taunts Paresh and says that her saree was normal as she was just married to a loco pilot.

Paresh feels bad after which he gives a befitting reply to her while Sachin and Sayali return home and Paresh notices that Sachin is in pain and has so much injury over his body.

He asks him what happened after which Sayali tells him everything that has happened then she also tells them that the inspector has asked them to deposit one lakh rupees to get back their cab.

Renu wonders and says that she can only expect such things from him while Sachin ignores her and says that he has to arrange for the money otherwise his car will not come back.

Paresh asks Renu to bring money from the amount which Aaji gave for Tejas's wedding but she directly refuses and says that she will not give it to Sachin at any cost as she has taken that money for Tejas's wedding.

She makes Sachin feel bad after which he says that he will arrange it from somewhere else then Paresh asks her to give the money but she again refuses after which Paresh gets angry over her and yells at her for the first time over Renu.

Renu still does not listen to him after that he taunts her and scolds her then Tejas asks her to bring the money so she goes and brings the money after which Paresh asks Sayali to take the money from Renu.

Paresh asks her and Sachin to bring back the cab so he gives the money to the inspector and brings back the cab then he notices that his cab is not working so he asks the mechanic to look after it.

The mechanic checks it and tells him that his cab is not working and it is malfunctioning then Sachin is about to go and fight and with the inspector but Sayali asks him to not get involved in it and the mechanic also asks him to not do anything and the directly send the cab to his garage.

Sayali helps him in taking the cab to the garage which makes Sachin feel good and he develops a soft corner for her after going back home he tells Paresh that he needs an extra one lakh rupees for the repair of the cab.

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