Udne Ki Aasha 18th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Renuka demeaning the Job interview that Sachin is going for while Paresh tells her that no work is small or big so they should not discriminate.

After that, Renuka asks Paresh to look after Tejas as he is intelligent and skilled while Sachin tells Paresh that he is terrified for the interview after which Paresh motivates him for it and asks him to go for the interview.

Then, Tejas asks Paresh to give him the retirement money so that he can establish his business but Pares says that he is not his only child so he cannot give the whole money to him.

Renuka gets angry and forces him to do so but Paresh ignores whereas Sachin receives a call from his friend that her sister is marrying without the family's permission after which Sachingoes stops the wedding.

Sachin goes there and beats the groom while Neelam requests him to leave him otherwise she will die Sayali is also present there and she asks him to leave Neelam.

Meanwhile, Sachin throws the garland from Neelam's neck and shows the truth about the man that she was about to marry which breaks Neelam's heart.

Sayali calls the police while Mangesh comes and is about to slap Neelam but Sachin asks him to not do anything and asks him to take her back home.

After that, Sachin notices that he is getting late for the interview after which he reaches there after some time.

He requests Sir to take his interview but he tells him that they will inform him during the next new vacancy.

Later, at night Sayali massages her father's head and tells him everything that Sachin did today while her younger sister starts laughing after which Sayali asks her why is she laughing.

Her sister says that there might be something special in him that's why she is thinking about him after which Sayali scolds him.

Meanwhile, Sayali's father says that he is blessed to have a daughter like her and he wishes for her marriage.

Sayali tells him that she does not need anyone as she can do things on her own while her father says that he is the richest man on this earth as he has a daughter who is like a diamond.

Just then, Dilip returns home but does not meet his father while Sayali asks him where is he going so he tells her that he is going for group studies.

Juhi says that Dilip will never succeed in his life while Sayali motivates him and asks him to talk to their father once.

Dilip taunts him that he will buy the bike on his own whereas Sachin returns home and Paresh scolds him for not giving the interview.

Then, he decides to fix Sachin's wedding but Renuka laughs and says that no one will marry him because of his behavior while Sachin says that after seeing the way how Renuka treats him he does not want to marry.

After that, Paresh talks to Kishor while Tejas asks Renuka to convince Paresh while Sachin overhears their conversation.

Then, they go for dinner and later on the next day, Sachin's bike gets lost as Ajinkaya gives it to Dilip while Sachin searches for it.

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