Udne Ki Aasha 18th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 18th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Renu scolding Paresh for not thinking about Tejas after that she tells him that he has gone away from there.

Paresh says that he will return on his own while Sayali comes there and gives a glass of hot milk to Renu but she refuses to have it and asks Paresh to search Tejas.

Just then, Sachin comes there and asks her if he can make a police complaint that Tejas is missing while Renu makes a weird face.

Sachin says that Tejas is lying that he does not have money and he says that he has kept the money along with him but he is refusing to give it back.

Sayali insists on her having milk but she throws it to them Sachin asks Sayali to not do Renu and Tejas's work after that Sayali goes from there while Sachin says that Tejas is the biggest thief.

He goes from there then Renu asks Paresh to take control over Sachin but he goes from there then Sayali comes there and Renu asks her to clean the floor.

Sayali feels offended but she cleans the floor whereas Tejas is admitted to hospital after that he sits along with Roshmi and says that he is jealous of her as she is alone.

Roshmi tells him that she lives alone but she does work and she loves it but many people misjudge her for the work after that Tejas asks her if she is okay or divorced then Roshmi says that she is younger and she lives alone.

Just then, she receives a call from PA and he asks Roshmi to come to his place and give a massage to him but Roshmi gets irritated and asks him to cut the call.

After that, she goes to ask for the discharge of Tejas but PA calls her again and asks her to come Tejas receives the call and says that he is Roshmi's husband after that PA cuts the call.

Roshmi is impressed and thanks him for thinking for her whereas Sayali yells at Sachin for leaving the wet towel in the bathroom and Renu keeps on calling Tejas but his phone is switched off.

Tejas eats food along with Roshmi but he starts coughing after that she offers him water and asks him if he ever loved someone then Tejas tells her that he had a girlfriend and they were in a live-in relationship but she ditches him.

He tells her everything that happened to him after that Roshmi tries to console him while Sayali recalls everything that happened to her day which brings tears to her eyes.

Later, on next day Roshmi notices Renu's call on Tejas's phone and wonders who is she while Sudhakar misbehaves with Sayali whereas Roshmi asks Tejas why he lied to her.

Then, Tejas tells her that he has a family but still he feels alone after that he asks for an apology from him whereas Sayali recalls how everyone cheated on her.

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