Udne Ki Aasha 19th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 19th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin eating the whole bowl of the sweet given to him but Aaji asks him to eat less and leave some for Sayali too.

After that, Sachin gets offended and says that in childhood they never stopped him but now why are they doing so after which Aaji starts laughing and asks him to eat a whole bowl.

Then, Sachin tells Paresh that he is going for a ride as he has booked a customer after which Paresh does not stop him and Sachin goes from there.

Paresh assures Shobha that Sachin will come on time in the evening, but Renu taunts him and says that he will look after the condition in which he will return.

Later, Paresh sshows the whole house to Sayali and her family while Juhi complains to Shobha and says that Sachin is so rude that he left Sayali and went for work.

Shobha defends him and says that he was n’t aware that his marriage will take place today and she also says that Sachin got ready to marry her when Tejas left her alone in the mandap.

Sayali says that she has been married to worst guy in the world after which Shobha asks her to look after the good things in him and accept him otherwise she will never be happy.

Just then, Aaji comes there and asks Sayali why she is sad after which she assumes that if Sachin has gone for work then she would be sad so she tells Sayali that Sachin is very much concerned about his work but she assures her that he will come on time.

Aaji says that they are preparing for another ritual while Shobha starts coughing after which Aaji asks Juhi to go in the kitchen and bring lukewarm water from there.

Juhi goes into the kitchen and there she meets Aakash after which he pulls her leg which irritates her after which he helps her boil the water.

Then, Juhi asks when is his course will be completed after which he tells her that he wants to open his restaurant as it is his dream.

After that, Juhi burns her hand with the bowl of water after which Aaksh applies ointment on her hand while Renu notices him taking care of Juhi which makes her anger.

Renu yells at him and asks him what is he doing after which Juhi tells her that she came there to bring warm water for Shobha after which she asks Juhi to go from there so Juhi goes from there.

Later, Renu scolds Aaksh for roaming around Juhi every and asks him to go back to college as soon as possible which makes Akash angry over her and he goes into his room.

Meanwhile, Aaji and Anita decorates Tejas’s room for Sayali and Sachin’s suhaagraat after which Renu comes there and asks why they are decorating Tejas’s room after which Paresh tells her that he wants to give this room to Sachin.

Renu becomes angry and says that it’s Tejas’s room and she goes from there while Sachin comes there in get up of Pandit which surprises everyone after which he tells Parseh that he met few Pandit who asked him to follow their path if he wants success in life.

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