Udne Ki Aasha 19th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 19th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin and Sayali returning home and he tells Paresh that his car has been damaged badly and one lakh rupees is required for repair.

Renu becomes angry and asks Sachin to throw it in the garbage but Sachin becomes angry and asks her to not say anything regarding his car after that Paresh wonders from where they will arrange the money.

Paresh looks at Renu after which she asks him to stay away from the money which Aaji has given as she has kept it for Tejas's wedding after which Sachin says that he will manage it on his own.

Renu taunts Sachin and says that since childhood his destiny has been bad and after bringing Sayali to this house destiny has been ruined more which hurts Sayali but she does not say anything.

Later, Paresh decides to take a loan on a home after which Renu becomes terrified and recalls that she already kept the home on loan and tries to convince Paresh to not keep the home on loan.

Tejas says that one lakh is an ordinary amount for which they need not to keep home on loan then Sachin scolds him and asks him to give it to her from his pocket which shuts Tejas's mouth.

Renu does drama and says that her father has given her the house so she will not allow anyone to keep it on loan but Paresh does not listen to her and goes to bring home papers but Renu does not allow him.

She gives another one lakh rupees which Aaji gave to her for Tejas's wedding then Paresh asks Sachin to take it after which Sachin asks Sayali to take it from Renu.

Sayali takes the money after that she goes into the room and helps Sachin in undressing and does his first aid after that he thanks her for fighting for him then Sayali tells him that he is her husband so it is her responsibility to fight for him.

On the next day, Renu again goes to bring more loans on the house then Shakhu asks her to rethink before doing so as the creditor is very strict and if she isn't able to return the money on time then he will never return the home to her.

Renu does not listen to her and takes more loans and assures the creditor that she will return the money on time and she tells Shakhu that Tejas will repay all the loans along with Roshni.

After that, Sachin comes to meet the creditor and tells him that he won't be given the loan for the next two months as his car has gone for repair after which the creditor tells him for the next two months he will be charged more interest.

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