Udne Ki Aasha 19th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 19th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali noticing that her father has a high fever after which she gives him medicine and asks for rest.

Meanwhile, Dilip enjoys being with his friends after which Sayali calls him and tells him that their father isn't well and she asks Dilip to take his exams on time.

Dilip says that he will do good this time after which he cuts the call and Sayali goes to work along with her mother but goons come there and ask for money.

His mother gives him money and asks him to not take huge money from her after which Sayali scolds him and lashes him for his thinking after which he goes from there.

On the other hand, Sachin goes to the police station to file an F.I.R. regarding the stealing of his bike but the police make fun of him after which Sachin gives a befitting reply to him.

The inspector asks him to give the details of the bike after which he tells about it whereas Sayali goes to work along with her friends while they ask her to marry on time.

Sayali says that Dilip and Juhi's studies aren't completed yet so she cannot marry but if someone is ready to look after her family then she will marry him.

Meanwhile, Renuka taunts Paresh for buying an expensive bike for Sachin as it gets lost while Paresh asks Renuka to keep calm.

Just then, an inspector comes there while Sachin taunts him for coming late whereas Paresh requests him to find the bike Police notice the C.C.T.V. after which they go to their neighbor's house to check the photograph.

Sachin notices that Tejas left home at midnight by lying to them that he went at four in the morning and he notices that Dilip stole his bike.

Later, Sachin tells police that Dilip is the man who was touching his bike in the temple and he knows about him after which police go to Dilip's home.  

Tejas comes home after which Sachin asks him why he lied to Paresh that he went out at four in the morning Renuka asks Sachin to not misbehave with Tejas after which Sachin asks Renuka to not blindly trust him otherwise one day he will deceive her too.

Meanwhile, the Police go to Dilip's house and find his father sleeping after which they ask about Dilip which makes Shobha anxious.

Juhi asks the Police what happened after which the police tell them that Dilip has stolen the bike after which Alok wakes up and says that Dilip cannot steal the bike.

The inspector asks Alok to give the money instead of the bike but Alok says that Dilip cannot do such a thing so the Inspector asks his constable to search him in the house.

Shoba requests the Police to not arrest him after which the police take Alok to jail along with him Shoba requests them to not take Alok along with them but the Police do not listen to her.

Her neighbors also come there and take a stand for Alok but the police do not listen and go from there after which Juhi tells Sayali about this.

Sayali and her family reach to police station while Juhi asks the Inspector to give the proof but the inspector scolds her for arguing with him.

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