Udne Ki Aasha 19th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 19th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Renu going to see Tejas in the hospital along with Shakhu and she scolds Tejas for not informing her.

After that, Shakhu praises Roshmi and says that she is a very good girl and she takes care of everyone while Tejas also says that Roshmi has also taken care of him in the hospital.

Renu becomes happy and thanks her after that she asks for the bill then Roshmi tells her that twelve thousand rupees need to be paid after which Renu says that she hasn't bought this much amount of money.

She asks for money from Shakhu but she has also not bought then Tejas asks her to pay the bill from his wallet so Roshmi says that she will pay the bill.

Roshmi stands separately and goes to pay the bill but Sachin is also there and he gets angry over her and asks her to stand in line and then pay the bill.

Then, Roshmi says that she is a lady so she is standing in a separate line after which Sachin and other men get angry so Roshmi stands at back in line.

Meanwhile, Sachin pays his bill and is about to go from there but Roshmi stops him in mid and asks him if he is happy now or not after which Sachin taunts her that he is not interested in talking to her.

Sachin goes from there while Renu reaches home along with Tejas and taunts Paresh and other family members for Tejas's condition after that she asks Sayali to bring tea for Tejas but she ignores and goes from there.

Renu becomes angry whereas Sachin also comes there and taunts Tejas for his misdeeds after that Sayali taunts Renu and Shakhu which makes them feel embarrassed while Renu mentions Sa evil for her family which provokes Sayali's anger.

Sayali asks her what she did then Renu says that she never took care of Tejas Sachin asks her why will Sayali look after him and he gives a befitting reply to her after which Tejas says that he does not want to live there.

Sachin asks him to not do drama and to stay there until he returns the money after that Shakhu says that she is going to make juice for Tejas while Renu takes Tejas to his room.

Meanwhile, Roshmi's friend asks her where was she after which she tells her that Tejas's accident took place so she was with him.

Sayali cooks lunch for everyone and she serves lunch to everyone after which Renu asks her to serve lunch to Tejas too but Sayali refuses and says that she will never do his work.

Renu asks her to show some humanity after which Sayali asks her to serve it on her own so Renu shows her eyes and serves food to Tejas.

Sachin brings sweet for everyone and says that he is happy to see Tejas in that condition but he is unhappy to get married to Sayali after which she lashes him out.

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