Udne Ki Aasha 1st April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 1st April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Isha calling Tejas and she asks him how is Sayali and whether is she more beautiful than her.

Tejas assures her that he won’t leave her for Sayali and he tells her that once he gets Paresh’s retirement money he will come along with her.

After that, he cuts the call while Isha laughs along with her friend and says that she is using Tejas just for his money.

On the other hand, Sachin goes on a test drive along with Paresh after which he asks Sachin to settle after Tejas’s wedding.

Sachin tells him that he does not believe in all such things while Paresh tells him that he should not think like this.

Just then, they go back to Paresh Aai’s house and he gives the first invitation card to her and asks her to make jaggry tea for them.

Meanwhile, Isha tells her friend that she has a joint account with Tejas so when she receives money she will run away from there to Canada.

Paresh tells his aai the truth that happened and explains everything that happened with Sayali’s family.

His aai says that Sachin told her that Renuka is not happy with the wedding after which Paresh tells her that he will look after the wedding’s expenses.

Meanwhile, Sachin’s aunt brings tea for them while his aaji asks him if he will continue driving the taxi.

Then, Sachin tells her that it’s his passion so he will continue with it, and taunts Paresh that he does not want to work under someone else.

After that, Aaji brings three lakh rupees and asks Paresh to give one lakh to Sachin but he refuses to take it.

Then, Aaji asks Paresh to take the money and give two lakh out of it to Sayali’s family to look after wedding expenses.

Aaji asks Sachin to start a new beginning with his taxi after which he asks Aaji to do pooja of the taxi from her hands.

After that, Paresh asks her to come ten days before the wedding but she says that she has to look after the farm so she cannot come so early.

Then, Aaji does a pooja of the taxi after which they go from there while Paresh goes directly to Sayali’s house along with the money.

Sayali refuses to take the money after which he tells her that his aai has given it as a blessing and asks her to not refuse it from taking.

Paresh asks Shobha to not think after which Shobha asks Sayali to accept it while he asks Shobha to come along with Sayali but she says that she is a widow so she cannot take shagun.

After that, Paresh asks her to broaden her thinking after which she takes the money from her while Sayali takes his blessings.

Sayali tells Shobha that one day she will return the money to Paresh while Renuka tells Paresh that she will not accept Sayali.

Sachin taunts Renuka that she will make Sayali’s life hell which provokes her anger whereas Shobha and Sayali make a list of things that she wants to gift to Tejas.

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