Udne Ki Aasha 1st July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 1st July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali instructing the workers to do the decoration properly after that Sachin comes over there.

She asks him if she can serve food to him then he tells her that he has already eaten outside so he is not feeling hungry right now and he asks her if he can help her with the work.

Sayali tells him that she has already told the workers to do the work and he asks her why is she doing all the decorations at night then Sayali tells him that she does not want anything to get delayed that's why she is doing all the things right now.

Sachin asks her to come in alone as he has to talk to her after that Sayali asks the worker to go and come early in the morning while Sachin brings the hot water bag and asks Sayali to keep the water bag below her f and she feels relaxed.

Then, she thanks Sachin for thinking about her and asks him to turn around she puts the hot water bag behind his back as his new ren cab is not that comfortable for him.

Sachin also feels relaxed while Renu notices them and murmurs that their relationship is becoming day by day so it will be better if Roshni comes soon to her house.

On the next day, Renu goes to apply Tejas's haldi to Roshni and asks her to come soon tomorrow for the mehendi function after that she receives a call from Dinesh and he calls her Kalyani which makes her anxious.

He tells her that he has got to know about her truth after that Roshni asks him to not tell anything to others then he asks her to spend one day with him then only he will not tell her the truth to anyone.

Roshni gets ready to meet him while Vidya asks her to not go but Roshni says that she will go to meet him while Sayali becomes happy to see the dec on the next day.

Renu makes fun of her and says that she will show her the right place whereas Dinesh's wife comes in place of Roshni and she scolds him for doing wrong things.

Roshni also comes over there after that Dinesh terrifies her and says that he will bring her truth in front of everyone whereas the mehendi function begins at Paresh's house.

After that, Roshni comes for the function and everyone enjoys it while Sayali makes tea for everyone while Renu makes fun of Sayali and taunts her.

Then, Sachin comes there and asks Tejas to take a tray from Sayali's hand and distribute tea among the guests and asks Sayali to sit so that he can apply mehendi on her hands.

Sayali feels happy to see Sachin taking a stand for her in front of everyone and she feels loved when he applies mehendi on her hands.

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