Udne Ki Aasha 1st June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 1st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin spending time with his friends and saying that he won't change for anyone while Sayali comes over there.

His friend shows Sayali to him after which he goes to see her and she asks him to come home as Aaji has called him so he goes to see Aaji.

Meanwhile, his friends start laughing whereas Paresh goes to ask for his pension from Joy but he refuses and says that Sachin has misbehaved with his daughter on the road and snatched money from her.

Paresh refuses to accept it and says that Sachin has gone to the village to meet Aaaji while Joy's wife asks Paresh to bring Sachin and Akash to join hands in front of Joy then only he will be getting his pension.

Then, Paresh refuses and says that it is not going to happen at any cost and he will go to a labor court to fight for his rights Joy challenges him and says that he will see how will he win the case but Paresh does not get afraid of him and he goes from there.

On the other hand, Sachin asks Sayali to follow him as she may forget the path but Sayali says that she recalls the whole path after which Sachin praises her and shows her a place where his voice echoes.

He asks Sayali to speak in a low voice as she speaks loudly after which Sayali gets angry and says that she won't talk to him whereas Paresh returns home and asks Akash if he took the bike and something happened on the way.

Then, Akash tells him that he met an ill-mannered girl who hit a lady so he looks after that lady whereas Tejas asks Akash why is he getting involved in such things but Paresh says that he did right.

Renu taunts Paresh and asks Aaksh to not follow the things which Paresh does after that she asks about pension money from Paresh then he tells her that it will take time.

She asks him then how will they manage the booking of the hall and catering for Tejas's wedding after which Paresh asks her to conduct the wedding in-house only and Aaksh says that he will look after the catering department.

Tejas asks Renu to have caterers from Five Star while Paresh scolds him and goes from there whereas Sayali teaches Sachin that he should learn how to conserve water which impresses Sachin.

Later they reach home and Sayali serves lunch to Sachin and he likes it which makes Sayali happy after that he asks her to hold the homemade grinder so that he can see if she has energy or not.

Sayali refuses after which Aaji asks her to follow what he is saying so Sayali does the things that he says and she keeps it in her lap while Sachin murmurs that she is very clever.

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