Udne Ki Aasha 1st May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 1st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin telling his friends that he is having everything in his life including his family and his taxi.

After that, his friends explain to him that he is married now so he has Sayali’s responsibility attached to him.

Sachin tells them that he has already told Sayali to not expect much from him but his friends say that life after marriage is not the same as before.

Meanwhile, Sayali closes the main door and she notices Paresh waiting for Sachin after which she asks him why is he sitting there.

Paresh tells her that he is waiting for Sachin as he will get late today after which Sayali asks him to go and rest as she will wait for him.

Renu comes there and overhears their conversation after which Sayali goes from there while Paresh still waits for Sachin.

Sachin comes back home late after which Paresh asks him where he then Sachin tells him that his ride was long.

Paresh scolds Sachin for being late and he is not able to stand properly as Sachin has been drunk and he says that Sayali is waiting for him.

After that, Sachin says that Sayali would be sleeping while Paresh tells him that he thought Sachin would become good after marriage but nothing has changed.

Sachin tells him that he forced him to marry Sachin after which Paresh taunts him and says that till his last breath, he has to face all these things which makes Sachin feel ashamed.

Paresh tells him that he tells everyone that Sachin has kept his respect by marrying Sayali while Sachin does not speaks after which Paresh tells him that Sayali has already lost her father.

He also reminds Sachin that after marriage whole responsibility resides on him instead of making her feel bad.

Sachin tries to justify himself and calls Paresh Baba after which Paresh asks him to not call him Baba and asks him what will he answer to Shobha about his weird behavior.

Paresh asks Sachin to not repeat the same thing otherwise he will not talk to him till his last breath after which Sachin asks for an apology but Paresh does not talk to him and ignores him.

Then, Sachin directly goes to his room and murmurs that every problem is occurring just because of Sayali after which he wakes her up by shaking her body.

Sayali wakes up after which Sachin asks her if she told Paresh about him after which Sayali tells him that she didn’t say anything.

She tells him that he is not able to move that’s why Paresh would have scolded him after which she asks him to sit so that she can serve the food to him and she warns him to not yell at her.

After that, Sachin is about to slap her but he stops his hand which makes Sayali anxious and she gets terrified to see Sachin raising his hands over her.

Later, Renu taunts Paresh saying that Sachin won’t change at any cost after which Paresh ignores her and goes from there while Sayali comes to her mother’s house along with Sachin.

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