Udne Ki Aasha 20th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 20th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sachin sitting along with Sayali and telling her that he has started trusting her and asking her to never break the trust.

Sayali recalls that she didn't tell him the truth about Sudhakar after that she asked him from tomorrow what he drive then he told her that he would take a cab to rent and drive.

Sachin tells her that his cab is his life as it is his first car so he feels bad seeing it damaged and is not able to bear the pain after seeing the worst condition of the car and he tells her that he will not leave the person who has damaged the car.

Sayali becomes tense when he says so but she asks him to not feel bad and asks him to sleep but Sachin says that unless he finds the culprit he won't sleep peacefully which makes Sayali worried.

She stares at him and asks him to not worry then they go to sleep and Sachin wakes up early in the morning after that he is about to go out to work but he realizes that if Paresh gets to know about it then he will scold him that he went out before Sayali made rangoli.

Sachin wakes her up and tells her that he has got a passenger so he has to go out for the drive after that Sayali makes rangoli along with him then Paresh wakes up and he notices them together doing rangoli.

After that, he asks Sachin where is he going while he goes after which Sayali tells him that he has got a passenger so he is going for the drive which makes Paresh feel good.

Paresh tells her that he is happy to see both of them living together whereas Roshni's mother comes to meet her after that she feels bad seeing Roshni behaving unwell with her which makes her feel bad.

Roshni gives her invite but says that she does not want her to come to the wedding which breaks her mother's heart and she tells Roshni that she wants to see her wedding and feels bad for Krish.

Then, Roshni says that at the right time, she will improve all things and asks her to go back to the village along with Krish while she says that she wants to meet Tejas.

Roshni says at the right time she will make her meet Tejas after that her mother blesses her and Roshni asks her to not worry and assures her that after marriage she will bring Tejas to the village.

Meanwhile, Sayali meets Sudhakar and scolds him for his bad deeds after that she goes to Riya's office along with Juhi to thank her.

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