Udne Ki Aasha 20th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 20th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Alok requesting the police to not arrest his son and tells him that he is a sugarcane juice seller.

Inspector taunts him that he need not to do work now because his son will bring money by stealing whereas Juhi asks police to give the proof.

Then, inspector tells them that they have seen in C.C.T.V.'s photograph that Dilip was stealing Sachin's bike which breaks everyone's heart whereas Alok wishes to die.

Just then, Sayali comes there and tells Police that Dilip is innocent whereas inspector says that Dilip is missing after stealing the bike.

Sayali tells them that he is having exam today after which police goes to his college to catch him whereas Alok's health detoriates and he is not able to breathe after which Sayali looks after him.

On the other hand, inspector goes into Principal's cabin and asks about Dilip Jadav after which principal takes him to Dilip's classroom and arrests him for stealing the bike.

His classmates make fun of him whereas Dilip asks them to listen him for once but inspector does not hears anything and directly takes him to jail by holding his collar.

Sayali slaps him while inspector asks Sayali to stop her drama and he asks Dilip where he keeps the things that he steals after which Dilip asks for an apology from him.

Constable asks inspector to let him to go whereas inspector scolds him for interrupting in between him after that Chitti calls Dilip and asks how is the bike.

Inspector gets angry and decides to not leave Dilip because he will help in finding Chitti after which he puts Dilip behind the bars whereas Sayali asks constable to do something.

He gives Sachin's number to her and asks her to contact him as he can only do something now after which she call him whereas constable tells him that they have found his bike.

Later, Sayali goes to meet Sachin and joins hand in front of him asking him to forgive her brother Dilip whereas Sachin recalls everything that Sayali has done to him everytime when she met him.

He yells at her and says that she would have indulged Dilip in stealing such things and he says that he will not take his complaint back which breaks Sayalis' heart.

She tells the condition of her family and goes from there which melts Sachin's heart and he thinks about it.

In the meantime, constable files F.I.R whereas Sayali prays to god for Dilip whereas Sachin reaches to jail and notices his bike and drives it around.

Sayali notices him and thinks that he has come there to help her but he refuses and beats Dilip after coming to jail.  

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