Udne Ki Aasha 20th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 20th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin telling Sayali that there is nothing between them but they have to be in this marriage for Paresh.

He tells Sayali that she is just responsible for him after which Sayali decides to leave the house while Paresh comes there and asks Sachin why he was yelling at Sayali.

Sachin tells him that she wants to go to her home after which Paresh talks to Sayali and tries to convince her for not to leave the house by saying that Sachin is pure of heart.

Sayali says that Sachin always misbehaves with her and always makes her feel bad after which Sachin scolds Sayali for being rude to Paresh.

Paresh asks Sachin to not interrupt after which Sayali blames Paresh and says that he is responsible for ruining her life.

Sayali says that he has made a deal of her which hurts Sayali while Renu smirks and laughs in the corner while Sayali says that she is embarrassed of being the daughter-in-law of this house where money is given preference.

Sachin gets angry and he is about to slap Sayali but Paresh comes in between and asks Sachin to go from there while Sayali goes back to her room and packs her luggage to leave the house.

Paresh again requests Sayali to not leave the house but Sayali says that she cannot leave with Sachin anymore after which she goes from there while Renu tells Tejas that she was aware that it will happen soon.

Meanwhile, Shobha scolds Sayali for misbehaving with Paresh and she is about to slap her but she controls her and says that Paresh did everything for them.

Shobha reminds her that Paresh protected her from Sudhakar and asks her when she become this selfish then Sayali tells her that from the day she find such in-laws for her.

Sayali says that she feels worthless while Shobha does not listen to her and anyhow manages to convince her to go back to her Sasural and she goes along with Sayali to ask for an apology from Paresh.

Paresh opens the door after which Sayali joins hands in front of him and asks for an apology after which she goes into her room and meets Sachin after that he taunts her for coming back.

Sachin asks her to say sorry to him too but Sayali ignores him but he gives a gift to her after that Sayali asks him if it is his way of saying sorry to her but Sachin asks her to not think much.

Sayali notices that he is not wearing the chain that Shobha gave him after which he lies to her that he has given it for polishing then he asks Sayali to get ready for a party in the evening.

Later in the evening, they go to a party where Sachin's friend praises them mentioning that they look like Shiv and Parvati.

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