Udne Ki Aasha 21st June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 21st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali going to meet Riya to thank her for helping her in bringing back Sachin from jail while Riya asks her to not be so grateful.

Then, Sayali gives her the chicken fry which she has cooked especially for her after that Riya tastes it and likes it a lot after that Sayali asks her to say something about dubbing.

Riya takes her into the dubbing room and she discusses about Sayali with her sir they want a lady's voice for dubbing so Riya insists Sayali do the dubbing while Sayali feels uncomfortable.

Then, Sayali sits along with Riya for dubbing and Riya explains to her the work that is to be done after that Sayali does the dubbing recalling Renu's words and how she tortured her.

Sayali does the dubbing in a very graceful way after which Riya's sir praises her after that Juhi also praises her while Sayali is surprised to see it whereas Riya says that Sayali can become a good dubbing artist if she continues this work.

After that, Sayali refuses and says that she cannot do such things whereas Riya motivates her to perform after that she asks her sir to show the dubbing activity done by Sayali so her sir shows it.

Meanwhile, Riya receives a call from Aakash so she goes to receive it whereas Juhi and Sayali also praise her and they say that is the reason why Aaksh also likes her.

On the other hand, Roshni goes to give an invitation to her ma'am but she has a fracture in her leg so she cannot attend the wedding but she gives Shagun to her which she gives twenty-five thousand rupees to her.

She tells Vidya about it and they go to buy the saree along with Renu and they return to the house after which Renu roams around Roshni and praises her brings heavy gifts for her and brings nothing for Sayali which makes her feel left out.

Shakhu asks Renu to show the saree to Sayali but she refuses and says that her evil eyes will ruin the things that hurt Sayali whereas Renu asks Sayali to come and help her fold the saree.

Sayali is not able to fold the saree after which Renu ruthlessly scolds her whereas Sachin comes back home and asks Renu to give one good saree to Sayali also but Renu refuses after which Sachin gets angry over her.

Tejas asks Renu to not do anything for Sayali as it is his and Roshni's wedding after which Sachin scolds him while Sayali serves lunch to Sachin while Paresh asks Renu where she got so much money to buy so expensive gifts for Roshni.

Renu does not have any answer after which Sachin comes there and reminds Renu and Tejas that they have to return twenty-seven thousand which Tejas runs along with which makes Renu feel worried.

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