Udne Ki Aasha 21st March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin requesting the inspector to leave Dilip and he withdraws his case.

The inspector refuses to leave Dilip after which Sayali requests to police while the constable suggests Inspector to take underwriting from Sachin and Sayali related to Dilip.

Constable thanks Sachin for withdrawing the case whereas again  Sayali and Sachin argue in the police station while Sayali asks for an apology from him.

Sachin taunts her and says that she is becoming good just for her brother whereas he goes from there while Sayali mentions him as a goon.

After that, Shobha takes her family back while Alok is lost and feels heartbroken and they scold Dilip for snatching their self-respect.

Dilip does not realize his mistake and again blames his father for everything after which Juhi is about to slap him but he holds his hands.

Then, Alok slaps him and curses that he will never get to see his face again whereas Sayali asks Dilip to not misbehave but he goes from there.

Sayali asks her family to come home along with her but Alok tells her that he cannot face the Chawl people's question after which Sayali and Juhi request him to come along with them.

Meanwhile, Renuka taunts Paresh and says that today is the last day of his job whereas Paresh also gives a befitting reply to her.

Renuka says that she has given a good education to Tejas and Akash and says that Sachin will always do wrong things while Paresh takes Sachin's side.

Just then, Akash calls Paresh and wishes him luck after which Sachin returns home and tells Paresh that he got his bike back.

He also wishes luck to his father whereas everyone in Chawl makes fun of Alok's family which breaks his heart.

Shoba tries to console him but Alok says that he cannot forget his disrespect and he is about to fall after which again people make fun of him then their neighbour takes Sayali's side.

Meanwhile, Sayali's house owner scolds Alok and warns him to not repeat this thing in future after which Sayali takes responsibility and says that she will explain to Dilip to not do such things.

After that, they go back home while Shobha starts crying after which Sayali tries to console her while Juhi taunts Sayali for always taking Dilip's side.

Then, Sayali says that she always wanted Dilip to be good in life but she never expected such a thing whereas their neighbour brings lunch for them.

Sayali serves food to them and she asks Alok to have the food after which he is about to eat the food while their neighbour expresses her concern for Sayali and Juhi that now no one will marry them.

On the other hand, Paresh meets Kishor and recalls his old days whereas Sayali asks her aunt to go from there whereas Alok is about to go out whereas Sayali asks him to not go anywhere.

Sayali tells him that she does not have good intentions after which she requests him to not go.

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