Udne Ki Aasha 21st May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 21st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin's friend praising  Sachin and Sayali as a couple and telling Sachin that he is blessed to have a wife like Sayali.

Everyone becomes happy after meeting Sayali while Sachin introduces Sayali to everyone after that Ganesh brings cake for Sachin and Sayali and asks them to cut it together.

After that, Sachin feeds the first slice of cake to Sayali then Sachin asks Sayali to feed the cake to him after that everyone claps for them.

Meanwhile, Roshmi goes to an event along with Tejas after which PA meets them and Roshmi introduces Tejas to him after which Tejas scolds him for disturbing Roshmi every time.

PA thinks there is something that Roshmi is hiding from him so both of them go from there and have some snacks while Anchor introduces both as a husband and wife.

Roshmi asks Tejas to smile and pretend as if they are husband and wife whereas Sachin enjoys with his friends and Sayali feels left out.

Then, Sachin's one of his friends brings gifts for Sachin and Sayali Sachin asks them why they spent so much money on gifts whereas his friends tell him that they are meeting Sayali for the first time so it is just a surprise for her.

After that, they ask Sayali to have dinner as they may get late after which Sayali says that she will eat along with them then Sachin's friend tells her that she will live a happy life with Sachin as he is a diamond.

Sayali wonders why Sachin does not behave well with her while Sachin's friend goes to have a drink after which Sachin also joins them while Sayali awaits them.

On the other hand, Roshmi and Tejas play a couple of games at the party and emerge as the winner of the task after which they receive praise from everyone.

Roshmi tells Tejas that they both have a good understanding whereas Sayali becomes anxious as she is alone while Sachin has a beer party along with his friend in a different room.

Sayali notices that Sachin and his friend are drinking alcohol and bitching about ladies which makes Sayali angry after which she calls Sachin but he ignores then his friends ask him to go and see what is she saying.

Sachin goes to see her and she insists he go back home along with her but he refuses and yells at her after which his friends come there and ask Sachin to behave well with her.

Then, Sachin dances along with his friend but the owner of the house comes there and scolds them after that Sayali returns home and cries recalling everything.

Meanwhile, Sachin comes there and pesters her after which she goes from there while Paresh tries to motivate her to not lose hope after that she goes to the room and asks Sachin if he has sold the chain.

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