Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin reminding Tejas that he has to return his money soon otherwise he will throw him out of the house.

Renu becomes worried while Sachin behaves well with Sayali which makes Paresh feel good after that Renu asks Paresh to come along with her to distribute invitations to guests.

Then, Sachin comes there after driving the cab and he notices Paresh going along with Renu so he asks them, if he can drop them off while Renu taunts him and says that he will charge money for them.

Sachin becomes angry after which Sayali takes him back to his house and makes tea for him and Sachin goes to drive again while Renu taunts Paresh for not checking Sayali and Sachin's kundli before fixing their wedding.

Renu says that after Sayali has come into Sachin's life everything is going wrong in his life and he is suffering a lot while Sayali overhears their conversation and starts crying.

Later, Tejas goes to meet Roshni and tells her that he wants to put to job hunt on halt as he wants to spend some quality time with her till their honeymoon.

Vidhya comes there and tells Roshni that usually woman leaves their job after marriage but here Tejas is ready to leave a very nice job.

Meanwhile, Sayali goes to cook the rice but Renu takes away the things from her and ruthlessly scolds her saying that due to her money is not coming into their family.

Sayali starts crying while Renu says that her tears won't affect her and she goes from there while Vidhya tells Roshni that Tejas is very lazy and does not believe in doing work and after marriage also he will not work.

Roshni tells her that she will look after him until he gets a job of his choice and if nothing happens then she will ask to look after the other branches of the parlor which she is going to open.

Sayali again goes to cook rice while Renu comes over there and does not allow her to cook and warns her from touching anything after that Sayali asks her why is she behaving so badly with her.

Renu says that she knows her intentions that she does not want Tejas to marry and live a happy life along with Roshni that's why she behaves like this.

Sayali goes to her room and starts crying loudly while Aaji calls her and gets to know everything after that then she tries to console her while Sachin also comes there and asks Sayali why is she crying.

Then, she lies to him that something went into her eyes while Paresh scolds Renu for demeaning Sayali while Renu says that she will not live with Sayali peacefully.

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