Udne Ki Aasha 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali searching for Dilip whereas Juhi notices that her father is missing from home and she informs Shobha about this.

After that, they tell Sayali about this and she asks the Police to help them after which the police start their investigation and they go to Sayali's home at night and bring them to the mortuary and ask Sayali to confirm his father's dead body.

Shobha becomes anxious when police tell her that they found a dead body near a railway track after which they enter inside to confirm about it.

Unfortunately, they get to know that Alok is no more after which Shobha starts crying while Sayali and Juhi also break down into pieces and they are not able to process it that their father is no more in this world.

On the other hand, Paresh asks for an apology from god because Alok came in front of his train to commit suicide but he couldn't do anything to save him \.

He recalls that he asked Alok to get away from there but then also he didn't listen to him which brings tears to his eyes while Sayali tries to console her mother.

Later on the next day they return home and recall the good old days when Alok used to live happily with them whereas Sayali recalls that Alok used to consider her and Juhi as Lakshmi of their house.

Shobha cries a lot and they reach home after some time where everyone in the chawl waits for them while Sayali breaks down and hugs her aunt.

Meanwhile, the owner of the chawl locks the main gate of the chawl and refuses Sayali to take the dead body of her father inside the chawl.

Shobha feels heartbroken and asks where will they take him then after which the Owner tells her that his daughter's wedding is about to take place so he cannot allow them to take him inside.

He asks Sayali to take him to Old Chawl but Juhi argues with him Sayali asks Juhi to not create chaos and says that she wants to bid farewell to their father peacefully.

On the other hand, Renuka and Kishor try to console Paresh but he blames himself for everything after which Renuka taunts him.

Just then, Sachin comes there and assures his father that he is always there for him but he has some urgent work so he goes while Paresh asks Kishor to take him to Alok's house.

Meanwhile, Sayali cries and says that she never expected that this thing would happen which would completely shatter her family after that she realizes that Dilip hasn't come yet.

Dilip is busy with her friends after which she asks Juhi to keep on calling him whereas Paresh reaches to Alok's house and gets to know that Sayali is the girl who made garland for his retirement.

Sayali cries a lot while bidding farewell to her father whereas Dilip decides that he will not go back home and Paresh curses himself for Alok's demise.

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