Udne Ki Aasha 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali asking Sachin if he has got his chain's hook replaced or not after which Sachin lies to her that the goldsmith has gone to the village so when he returns then he will do it.

Sayali doubts him and says that he sold the chain and had a beer party last night and she asks him to sell a cab and also to have a beer after that Sachin says that he never drinks beer with someone else's money.

Sachin tells her that he has an open heart and empathy for people which is why he married her she asks him to bring the chain but he goes from there then Sayali says that she won't leave him and asks him to give the chain.

Then, he murmurs that after marrying Sayali his life has become hell while Sayali serves tea to Paresh and asks him if he wants the breakfast right now or later.

After that, Paresh says that he does not want to eat right now and he asks about Sachin then she tells him that he has gone out for work.

Sayali notices that Renu's phone is ringing so she goes to receive it but Renu scolds her after that she talks to Shakhu on call and gets to know that a rich family is going to come today for Tejas's rishta.

Shakhu tells her that she is bringing high-class society rishta for Tejas and that the girl does not have any brother so it will be good for their Tejas as he will directly get a chance to become MD.

Renu becomes happy and cuts the call and decides to clean the house so she asks Sayali to help her with the cleaning while she also asks Paresh to join them but he says that he will go to sleep right now.

Paresh says that it's not the right time for Tejas's wedding after which he asks Tejas what lie should he tell the guest about his salary after which Renu says that the girl's parent will give their business to Tejas.

After that, Paresh starts laughing and compares him with Sachin but Renu makes a weird face and says that she wants Tejas to get married to that rich girl.

Tejas also says that he does not want to get married to that girl as he does not have any job and he even doesn't know that girl while Sachin sits along with his friend after that Paresh comes there.

He scolds him for taking Sayali to the party where he was drinking along with his friends whereas Roshmi gets lost in Tejas's thoughts and she tells her friend that she has started liking someone.

Her friend asks her who is that man after which Roshmi gives her a hint regarding Tejas whereas Renu asks Tejas to get ready to meet those people while the driver of that businessman comes there and tells them that his owner won't come for the rishta.

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