Udne Ki Aasha 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali's neighbors asking her to call Dilip as they are getting late for the last rituals of Alok.

Juhi calls him but he does not pick up the call while Sayali asks her aunt to make garland for her shop and she will repay the money soon.

Meanwhile, Sayali's other aunt says that Dilip is so careless after which Juhi says that Alok cursed Dilip that he will never show his face to him.

Shobha starts crying while Sayali asks her uncle to do everything with the rituals while Paresh tells Kishor that he wants to help Sayali.

After that, Sayali gives fire to her father's dead body and she recalls the good moments that she spent with him and cries her lungs out like a small baby and curses her destiny for getting separated from her father.

Paresh curses himself and tells Kishor that Alok was telling him that he wanted him to tell something to Sayali but he died before telling anything.

After that, Kishor takes him to the park so that he can feel relaxed whereas Sachin notices that Paresh is sitting in the park along with Kishor so he goes there and asks Kishor what happened.

Kishor tells him that they went in the last rites of Alok after which Sachin asks Paresh to come home along with him after that they return home.

Renuka stops him at the gate of the house and spills Ganga Jal on them but Sachin goes from there while Renuka asks Paresh to not keep guilt in his heart because his fault wasn't there.

Meanwhile, Tejas goes for an interview but he argues with them after which the boss asks him how many interviews he has given in the past after which he tells him that it is his 50th interview.

Then, the boss taunts him that still he is jobless whereas Renuka asks Paresh to eat something because he hasn't ate anything since morning but Paresh does not eats anything after which Renuka goes from there.

After that, Sachin tries to feed his dad with his hands but Paresh recalls the way Alok died and tells Sachin that he couldn't save him.

Sachin tells him that they have to move on in life further after which Paresh says that he wants to do something for Alok's house while Sachin supports him.

Then, Paresh asks Sachin why did god let this thing happen after which Sachin tells him that just because of people like him humanity is still alive in this world.

Sachin asks Paresh to sleep peacefully whereas Sayali's family returns home while Kaaka gives bill of Last to Alok.

Sayali does not have enough money so she requests him to give her a few weeks after which other people come and ask for the loan amount that their father took from him.

Juhi tells Sayali that they are lying and just trying to take advantage of their situation after which Sayali tackles the situation with maturity. 

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