Udne Ki Aasha 24th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 24th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin asking Sayali to not worry and call anyone whom she wants in her pooja instead of taking suggestions from people like Renu.

Renu feels offended after that Sachin tells her that he has invited her family and friends along with her house owner which makes Sayali feel happy and assures her that everyone will come.

Paresh also feels good seeing Sachin taking a stand for Sayali and he goes from there while Sachin taunts Renu which makes her angry but she does not say anything and goes from there.

She comes inside the room and complains to Paresh that Sachin does not have manners after which Paresh reminds her that she also misbehaved with Sachin and Sayali that's why he scolded her.

Paresh says that how she will behave with others so in the same way she will also get treated while Renu says that she cannot talk nicely to people who are not of her standard.

Renu says that she cannot behave well with that florist's mother who just manages a stall and does not have any reputation after which Paresh scolds her and asks her to not demean anyone.

He reminds her that she is Sayali's mother but Renu does not listen to him then Paresh asks her to stop seeing people below her whereas Sachin tells Sayali that he is trying to become a good person and working hard to get back his car as soon as possible.

Sayali tells him that she is feeling good today to see that he invited her family and took a stand for her in front of everyone which makes Sachin feel good but he asks her to not thank him as it is his responsibility.

After that, he says that he is going to work and comes early in the evening while Sayali recalls all the good moments she has spent with Sachin and feels proud to be called his wife.

Meanwhile, Renu calls Roshni and asks her if she had dinner or not after which she tells her that she is busy with work so she will order the food then Renu asks her to not eat outside and she invites Roshni to her house as Aaji wants to meet her and Sayali's pooja is there at home.

Sachin returns home and helps Sayali with work while Roshni's mother asks Roshni if she can cook dinner for her but Roshni does not behave well with her.

Later, on next day Aaji gives a necklace to Sayali and asks her to accept it as a token of love while Renu taunts Paresh and Sachin for it.

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