Udne Ki Aasha 24th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali telling Juhi that she will remove all the loans that Alok has taken for them.

Shobha asks Sayali how will they survive without Alok whereas Tejas goes to his girlfriend's house and she becomes happy to see him there.

He hugs her after that he asks her to make coffee for him so she prepares coffee for him after which he asks her if she isn't afraid as they have kept their relationship secret from society.

She says that she is okay with it after which he receives a call from Renuka and she asks about his interview then he tells her that he is not meant to for such jobs.

Tejas asks Renuka to convince Paresh to give his retirement amount to him but she tells him that Paresh is saying that he will distribute money among all the three kids equally after which he cuts the call.

His girlfriend tries to explain to him but he asks her to not take his father's side after which she hugs him to reduce his anger.

Meanwhile, Dilip returns home after hearing about Alok's demise while Juhi and Shobha curse him and say that they will never forgive him.

Sayali says that she is stupid who always completes his every demand without knowing that he is taking advantage of their love and concern.

Dilip starts crying and asks for an apology from her after which Sayali tells him that if he genuinely regrets then he should try to improve for Alok's soul.

Then, Dilip promises her that he will never repeat these things afterthat all of them sleep while Sayali expresses her grief and requests to god to send back her father.

Later on next day, Akash calls Renuka and asks about Paresh after which Renuka tells him that Paresh is still in grief of Alok's demise.

He asks Renuka to give the phone to Paresh but she refuses and says that he isn't well after which he asks her to take care of Paresh.

Just then, Tejas comes there and taunts Paresh for killing Alok but Paresh scolds him after which Tejas asks for an apology and says that he is worried about his retirement money.

Sachin comes there and lashes out at Tejas for being selfish due to which an argument takes place between him and Tejas.

Renuka taunts Sachin and asks Tejas to not argue with a goon like him which breaks Sachin's heart and he asks her if she is his real mother or not.

She does not say anything and goes with Tejas while tears roll down Sachin's eyes then Paresh asks Sachin to not cry and assures him that everything will get fine with time.

Then, Sachin sits beside Paresh and puts his head on his lap, and sleeps whereas Sayali asks Shobha to not cry and she tells her that she is going to Dilip's college and asks the principal to give admission to Dilip.

Juhi tells Sayali that she will also do a job to look after the family after which Sayali says that she will not let her do the job instead of completing the studies because it was a dream of Alok.  

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