Udne Ki Aasha 24th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 24th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali coming to Shobha's house and complaining about Sachin to her after which Shobha asks her what happened.

Then, Sayali tells her everything that happened to her while Shobha asks Sayali to not curse Sachin every time then Sayali says that Sachin is not a good husband.

Shobha tells Sayali that she has got everything good in life but she does not know how to manage things then Sayali says that she has a problem with Sachin selling the chain for drinking alcohol.

Juhi also tries to defend Sachin then Shobha asks Sayali to not make impulsive decisions without knowing the reason which makes Sayali angry and she leaves Shobha's house.

Meanwhile, Tejas and Roshmi go to have ice cream in the hot summer whereas Sachin goes to the office where he fulfills the EMI of his cab to meet the concerned person.

He asks for money from that person after that he asks him to keep his cab as security then only they can give him a loan then Sachin says that he only has his cab from which he earns money.

Sachin requests him to help after which he gets ready to help Sachin and takes Sachin's sign papers as proof and says that if he does not return the money on time then he will take away his car.

Then, Sachin thanks him but asks him to return the shirt of the man who came there and has not returned the money on time which makes the owner offended.

Roshmi introduces Tejas to her friend after and both of them decide to have pasta-fl ice cream which makes Roshmi feel good after seeing the same choice of Tejas.

They enjoy the ice cream and go on a walk after having the ice cream and Roshmi asks him which place he likes the most then he tells her that he likes the U.S.A

She indirectly tells him that she also likes Canada which makes Tejas angry after which she asks for an apology from him and says that she likes her India the most.

After that, Tejas buys flowers for her whereas Sayali meets Kishor and gets to know that Sachin arranged the money for his wife's operation which makes Sayali feel bad for doubting Sachin.

Kishor tells her everything that he sold the chain for his wife's treatment while Roshmi goes to give spa to Shakhu and Renu and from there she gets to know that she is finding a rich girl for Tejas.

She lies to her that her father has business in Dubai but she does not have her mother and starts crying to have Renu's soft corner.

Meanwhile, Sachin goes to Shobha's house and returns the chain to her while Sayali tells Paresh that she did wrong by fighting with Sachin without knowing the exact reason.

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