Udne Ki Aasha 25th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 25th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin going to work while Renu taunts Sayali for her poor family background which hurts her but she does not say anything.

The next day, Krish asks Roshni to make him wear the t-shirt but she asks him to wear it on his own as she is getting late for work after that Vidhya asks her to make him wear the shirt as he is her son.

Roshni helps him to wear the shirt after that he asks her to come to school as his friends tease him because he does not have a mother which breaks Roshni's heart, and she cries.

She asks Krish to complain directly to teachers whenever it happens and soon she will come to his school after that Roshni's mother asks her if she will come to drop them off at the bus stand but Roshni refuses and says that she is getting late for work.

Vidhya goes out with Krish after that Roshni's mother asks her to send wedding photos on her phone after that Roshni takes her blessings and her mother assures her that her wedding life after marriage will be successful.

On the other hand, Sayali goes to the temple and prays to god for the welfare of Sachin and says that he is a very nice person he has changed her assumption a lot and says that she does not know whether things will take place properly or not as Renu does not leave a chance of scolding her which hurts.

She asks god to look after the things but the auto stops working and Roshni's mother and Krish are coming after that they get out of the auto and Krish notices Sayali.

Sayali asks her to come along with her home to the house while Roshni's mother says that she is getting late for work in the village and if she will delayed then she will not reach on time after that Sayali says that today is puja at her home so Aaji has also come there.

She insists on coming after that she agrees to come to Sayali's house and Krish becomes excited whereas Shakhu asks Renu to do the decoration of the pooja but Renu refuses and says that she won't do anything for Sayali.

Meanwhile, Sayali and Roshni's mother comes along with Krish and he starts playing over there while Renu asks whom she brought then Aaji comes and introduces them to Paresh and Renu.

After that, Roshni's mother helps Sayali with decoration while Roshni comes over there and she spends time with Tejas after that, she comes out of the room to bring the spoon then her mother also goes into the kitchen to do the dishes.

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