Udne Ki Aasha 25th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 25th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali telling Juhi that she does not need to leave her studies to manage the household expenses of their family.

Sayali assures her that Shoba and she will look after the needs of the family after which Paresh comes there along with Kishor.

He tells Sayali that Alok was taking his name before dying after which Sayali asks him if he knows him.

Paresh tells them everything that he was the engine in charge of the train from which Alok died which breaks Shobha's heart.

After that, Paresh says that he wants to help their family and gives some money to them but Shobha yells at him and says that they do not require any money and blames him for Alok's demise.

Kishor tells her that Alok committed suicide by coming in front of the train after which Paresh asks him to not teach any rules and regulations to them because they are not wrong in their place.

Paresh asks Shobha to consider him as her brother and says that he will always stand with their family whenever they need them after that he is about to go from there.

Sayali goes behind him and asks what was Alok saying after which he tells her that Alok was taking her name till the time he was died and says that he saw intense love in his eye.

After that, Sayali gets shattered and starts crying and asks god to send back her father which breaks Paresh's heart and he goes from there.

Later, on the next day, a broker comes to Paresh's house and Renuka asks Dheeraj to bring a good rishta for Tejas after which he offers a good rishta for him.

Renuka asks him to bring the best rishta for him to have good status after which he asks her to send Tejas's profile to her.

Meanwhile, Tejas meets Dheeraj and gives him money because he gave a flat rent to him where his girlfriend lives.

He gives money to him and asks him to not show his face ever again whereas Dilip tells Sayali that he cannot go back to college because his friends tease him.

Sayali explains to him to focus on study and she forcefully takes him inside and asks peon about the principal.

Just then, the Principal comes there and he asks Peon to arrange a maid at his house otherwise he would have to do the household chores.

Sayali hears their conversation and goes behind him and requests him to take Dilip back to their college but he refuses to do so.

He asks Peon to throw him away after which she bends down and requests him but he does not change his decision and asks Manohar to go away from there.

Sayali requests Manohar to ask the Principal for this after which he asks her to talk about this thing to him later on because he is already tense at this time.

She asks for the principal's address after which Manohar gives her Principal's address to her.

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