Udne Ki Aasha 25th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 25th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali talking about the chain with Sachin after which he asks her if she wants to fight with him.

Sachin says that he has returned the chain to her mother then she asks him why did not he tell her about it Paresh after that Sachin says that he does not want Paresh to feel bad that he couldn't help Kishor who is his best friend.

Meanwhile, Paresh crosses from there and he overhears their conversation and it brings tears to his eyes while Sayali asks him why didn't he tell her about it.

Sachin says that he thinks she is not that important to him after that he receives a call to go on a ride then he goes to work and Paresh meets him in the morning.

Paresh hugs Sachin and asks him why didn't he tell him that he helped Kishor and why he loves him the most after which Sachin says that for him his father is the utmost priority.

After that, Paresh takes him back home and Sayali serves food to Sachin and he likes it whereas Renu gets angry and asks why didn't anyone call her for breakfast.

She asks why didn't they call Tejas after that Sachin taunts her that Tejas will eat the leftover food whereas Paresh tells her that Tejas has gone out for work.

Just then, she is about to have breakfast but the matrimony broker comes there along with Rishta for Tejas and he shows the photo to her.

Renu says that she does not like the personality of a girl according to Tejas after that she calls Paresh and looks after the things then he tells him everything related to Tejas.

Broker says that he already knows everything about Tejas and has told the girl's family after that he tells her that the lady is having a kid and a widow which provokes Renu and she yells over him.

Paresh asks Renu to stop it for some time and start finding the things later on after that Sayali asks her to get Tejas's kundali checked and get to know whether he will get married or not.

Later, she goes to Shakhu's home and there Roshmi starts her fake drama in front of Renu to attract her attention and says that she is not interested in his property, and business after that she cuts the call.

She asks for an apology from Renu and says that she does not want to marry and settle in Dubai while Renu asks Roshmi to become part of her family which makes her happy and Renu invites her to home.

Roshmi comes home and she misunderstands Sayali with the maid after which she asks for an apology from Sayali

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