Udne Ki Aasha 26th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 26th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Roshni's mother going to the kitchen to do the dishes while she also comes near the dining area to take the spoon but they don't see each other.

After that, her mother goes into the room to look after Krish and he forces her to come outside along with him to play games but she refuses and says that Sayali is busy with work.

Then, Krish plays along with her inside the room while Tejas asks Roshni why she bought two spoons she says that they will have food from one spoon after the wedding but Tejas does not listen to her.

He feeds her with his hands after that she also feeds him and notices love for her in his eyes while Krish feels sleepy then Roshni's mother makes him fall asleep.

Sayali comes there then she tells Sayali that she wants to return as Krish is falling sleepy but Sayali refuses and says that she wants her to stay there till the pooja is over so Roshni's mother can stay there.

Later, all the decoration for the pooja begins and Sayali's mother and sister come for the pooja Shobha meets everyone while Shaku asks Renu to greet Shobha but she refuses and shows attitude.

Meanwhile, Shobha herself comes near her and greets Renu after that Sayali goes to bring that for pooja while Shobha gives some fruits that she has bought while Renu taunts her and says that she has bought the fruits from the third-class market.

Dilip gets angry and gives a befitting reply to Renu but Shobha scolds him after that Juhi takes a stand for him then Renu again taunts him and says that Shobha has not given any good manners to her kids.

Paresh gets angry with Renu and lashes her out after that Aaji also scolds her and asks her to take the fruits from Shobha and begin the pooja after that Paresh introduces Roshni to Tejas's family.

Later, Shobha asks about Roshni's family her but she hesitates to tell then Renu asks her to spend time with Tejas whereas Sayali has to get ready so Roshni does her makeover and Sayali looks very pretty and Sachin after coming home gets surprised to see Sayali.

After that, he notices Roshni over there and asks her what is she doing there and asks her to get out of the house while Paresh tells him that she is going to get married to Tejas after which Sachin makes fun of both of them.

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