Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali passing throw the way and noticing that Sachin is throwing away the things of a family living in a house.

She decides to help that lady whereas Sachin is acting after which he receives an appraisal from his sir and he says that his friend forced him to give an audition that's why he came there.

On the other hand, Sayali goes for household work at Principal's house and his wife tells him that his peon has sent a very good maid who does everything from cleaning the house to doing babysitting.

After that, he notices that Sayali is the maid working at his house and he asks her what she is doing there after which she requests him to allow Dilip to study in his college.

The Principal says that he cannot ruin the future of another student just because of Dilip after which the Principal's daughter requests him to allow Dilip.

Then, he agrees with Sayali and asks her to send Dilip tomorrow after which Sayali thanks him and starts doing the work then he asks her besides this what other work she does.

She tells him that she is a florist and has a sugarcane stall outside Ganesh temple after which the Principal tells her that she need not work permanently in his house.

Principal tells him that she can do part-time work in his house till his daughter is there after which Sayali thanks him and starts doing her work.

Later, on next day, Sayali goes for her work in the stall and asks Alok to help her then she realizes that he is no more which brings tears to her eyes after which Shobha consoles her.

Then, Dilip and Juhi come there before going to college and Dilip asks Shobha and Sayali to give him blessings after which Sayali explains to him to study well.

Meanwhile, a goon comes to Sayali's stall and misbehaves with her while Paresh notices it and thinks about it at night.

He decides to fix Sayali's wedding so that she cannot face such things in the future whereas Renuka talks to her friend on call regarding rishtas for Tejas.

Paresh tells Renuka and Tejas that he has good rishta for Tejas after which Renuka asks him about the girl then he says that he wants Sayali to become Tejas's wife.

He tells them that she is the daughter of Alok who committed suicide in front of the train after which Tejas asks what does she do then he tells him that she is an a florist.

Tejas and Renuka deny this wedding and say that she cannot put Tejas's life at risk and says that she will bring the first daughter-in-law into this house who can financially help them.

After that, Paresh taunts her for having such thinking while Tejas argues with him after which Sachin comes there and gives a befitting reply to Tejas and Renuka while Paresh says that only Sayali will become the daughter-in-law of their house.   

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