Udne Ki Aasha 27th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 27th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali getting ready for the function and Sachin keeps on looking at her after that Renu starts the ceremony and then Shobha also performs the ritual.

Sayali feels happy sitting next to Sachin while Juhi and Shobha bless them and murmur that both are a good pair while everyone performs the ritual one by one.

After that, Sayali asks Juhi to call Krish's Aaji for the ceremony while Aaji asks Sayali and Sachin to get ready for the next ceremony and Juhi informs Krish's Aaji to come out for the ceremony.

Then, She tries to wake him up but he does not wake up Juhi pulls Aakash's leg and asks him how is his love life going on with Riya after that he starts thinking about her then Juhi teases him that he is in love.

He asks her to not say such things in front of Riya but she snatches the phone from his hand then he tries to take it away from her but she does not give then Renu comes there and scolds them.

Renu asks her to go from there and help Sayali whereas Sachin becomes spellbound after seeing Sayali while she becomes happy and blushes when Sachin praises her.

Sachin stares at her while she keeps on smiling after looking at him then they go for another ritual after that Aaji begins the ritual while Juhi asks Krish's Aaji to come for the ritual so she comes out of the room.

Roshni becomes shocked to see her over there and she widens her eyes after seeing her and starts to worry Krish's Aaji does not notice her and she is about to go and perform the ritual.

Sayali introduces her to the family members while Roshni becomes worried to see her and Tejas receives a call so he goes outside to receive the call then Roshni goes near Supriya and brings her inside the room.

She tells Roshni that Sayali insisted she come there so she came there after that Roshni scolds her for coming at the invitation of a stranger then Supriya tells her that it was Sayali who saved Krish's life.

Roshni says that she is not interested in knowing about these things and asks her to kill her then Supriya asks her why is she saying this thing as only she and Krish are in this world.

Meanwhile, Sachin ties the mangal sutra to Sayali's neck while Krish also comes outside and Supriya introduces him to everyone while he points out at Roshni. 

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