Udne Ki Aasha 27th March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 27th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sachin fighting with Renuka and Tejas for Paresh and asks them to be within their limit.

Meanwhile, Paresh says that this time he will not listen to anyone and he tells Tejas never to rely on his wife’s money for financial support.

He gives the example of Renuka to him that if he will marry a woman like her then he will also have to hear his wife’s taunt forever.

Renuka stares at him when Paresh praises Sayali in front of everyone after which she interrupts and says that she will not let Sayali become Tejas’s wife.

She mentions Sayali as illiterate after which Paresh tells her that she was not able to complete her studies due to her weak financial condition.

Then, Sachin taunts Tejas and says that Sayali will have an obligation to Tejas by marrying him because Tejas does not do anything while Sayali will earn money and he will spend.

Renuka asks Sachin to not interrupt Tejas’s life while Paresh gives his final decision that he will fix their wedding at any cost and he goes from there.

He meets Kishor and Kishor asks him to not make any decision early after which Paresh says that Sayali is very innocent so anyone can misuse her which he does want.

Paresh tells him that Sayali is a very sensible child so he wants to try this thing whereas Sayali reaches home and finds Paresh and Kishor in her house.

After that, Sayali asks what happened after which Paresh tells about Tejas and says that he is about to start his business.

Sayali thinks that he wants her to work there as an employee so she tells him that she already does work so she cannot think about it.

Then, Paresh directly tells them that he wants to fix Sayali and Teja's wedding and he asks about Shobha’s decision.

Shobha asks him to give them some time while Sayali refuses to marry Tejas and tells him that she has to work for her family and complete her responsibility then only she will think about her future.

She asks Paresh to not show sympthay to her instead it gives her blessings after which Kishor also tries to convince Sayali.

Paresh tells them that he finds Sayali as best daughter-in-law who can look after his family that’s why he wants her to become a part of his family.

Juhi brings tea for them whereas Paresh asks Sayali to take time and make a decision after that he comes back home and tells about this thing to Tejas and Renuka.

Renuka yells at him Sachin laughs at Renuka when she yells at Paresh and Tejas joins hands in front of Paresh and requests him to not fix his wedding with Sayali.

Sachin interrupts in between after which Paresh asks him to not say anything and he tells Tejas that he will give his retirement money on one condition that he will marry Sayali.

Renuka gets angry and says that till she is alive she will not let Sayali become Tejas’s wife at any cost.

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