Udne Ki Aasha 28th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 28th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Krish looking at Sayali and Sachin performing all the rituals after that Krish asks him why are they spilling rice over there.

Then, Sachin tells him about the rituals and Krish asks others to spill rice over him also while Renu tells Roshni that Krish is an orphan that's why he interacts very well with each other.

Roshni does not say anything whereas Sachin enjoys with guests after that Kalyani's mother meets Roshni and tells her that she is happy to see that she has got such a good family.

Meanwhile, Roshni asks her if anyone saw her coming near to her or not after which she tells Roshni that there is nothing like that while PA of Roshni's client saw Roshni and her mother talking with each other.

PA wonders about Kalyani's mother who is she and decides to find out who is she whereas Aaji asks Sachin to have quality time with Sayali but he becomes angry because everyone forces him to have some alone time with Sayali.

Paresh asks Sachin to relax and go to work after that he goes from there whereas Renu overhears their conversation and wonders why are they forcing Sachin to have some time with Sayali.

Renu murmurs that she will not allow Sayali and Sachin to come close to each other unless Roshni and Tejas get married to each other.

Meanwhile, Roshni's mother calls her and tells her that she is going back to the village and will callback her again after reaching there whereas PA follows her and decides to know about their relationship.

On the other hand, the decorator refuses and says that he won't be able to do the decoration of the house because his mother is ill after which he returns the money to her.

Tejas becomes worried and asks who will do the decoration of the house now as Roshni's father is coming from Dubai after that Sayali says that she will do the decoration but Renu refuses and says that she does not trust her.

She argues with Paresh after which she gets ready then Renu says that Sayali has to give the details of everything then Sayali accepts the offer and takes the blessing of god and goes to work.

Meanwhile, Vidhya tells Roshni that today she escaped from the blunder otherwise if anyone gets to know about Krish and her relationship then she will have to face a problem.

Roshni becomes jealous to see Sayali close to her mother and Krish whereas Renu instructs Sayali to do good decoration which makes Sayali anxious as she requires extra money for it.  

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