Udne Ki Aasha 29th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 29th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin scolding Sayali for decorating mandap for Tejas even after knowing that he did wrong to her.

He asks Sayali if she has any self-respect or not then Sayali becomes angry and asks Sachin to not say anything whereas Renu argues with Aaji and asks her why they are interested in doing all the rituals of Sachin and Sayali before Tejas and Roshni.

Aaji scolds her and tells her that old people have said that when two weddings take place then their rituals should not be performed together otherwise only one wedding will be successful and the other won't be.

Renu does not listen to her and tells Tejas about it saying that she does not want her first grandchild from Sayali so she has to do anything to stop Sachin and Sayali from coming close to each other.

Meanwhile, Sayali prepares the decoration with her whole heart and she prays to god to make her successful in the work after that Renu asks her to bring a bucket and clean the floor.

Sayali says that Aaji asked her to get ready for pooja while Renu scolds her for not following her instruction and asks her to clean the floor as per her instructions then Sayali says that elders say that after lightening the diya they should not clean the house.

Renu scolds her and asks her to do the things that she is saying which hurts Sayali and she does the dusting as per Renu's instruction without saying anything.

She removes all the decorations of her and Sachin's pooja and does the dusting of the house while Renu comes there and tells her that she asked her to do this thing right now because she bought her third-class family and chawl people in the pooja.

Sayali feels bad and Renu shows attitude to her and says that they are dirty people so she does not want anyone in her house as it is not an orphanage.

Renu says that it is her home so only she will decide who will come there while Sayali gives her a befitting reply and asks her to clarify her mind first.

Sachin comes there and overhears their conversation after which he scolds Sayali for listening to the things Renu said to her.

Meanwhile, Renu's leg slips and she falls on the floor after that Tejas asks Paresh what happened then he tells him that she fell on the floor after that Tejas asks Sachin to give the keys to the car so that he can take Renu to the hospital.

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