Udne Ki Aasha 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali and Shobha making a list of the gifts that they will be giving to Tejas’s family.

Meanwhile, Dilip comes there and asks Sayali to give him an extra five thousand rupees for his function at college.

Sayali assures him that she will give him money for his function whereas Juhi taunts him for spending so much money.

Shobha asks Juhi to not say anything to him after which Juhi goes to prepare the dinner for the family members.

Meanwhile, Sayali says that she will purchase a new silk saree for Shobha but she refuses and says that she does not want anything new for herself.

Sayali asks her to not say anything whereas Juhi goes to work on next day and asks for fifty thousand rupees in advance as she needs money for her sister’s wedding.

Her owner refuses and only gives her twenty-five thousand and asks her to manage this much otherwise leaves the work.

After that, Juhi does not say anything whereas Sachin and Ganesh reach the shop while Juhi recalls that Sachin is the person who is responsible for Alok’s demise.

She does not says anything whereas Sachin gives his card to Ganesh and her and asks her to give his card to people in return he will give commission to her.

Juhi refuses to take the commission and says that she will do it for free and she keeps the card on table whereas Sachin asks her to keep it safe.

Later, he goes from there while Tejas becomes Sachin’s first customer but Sachin asks him to get out from his taxi whereas Tejas requests him to drop and asks for an apology for his actions.

Sachin drops him while Tejas does not gives the taxi fare to him after which Sachin yells at him and asks him to give the money after which Tejas give the money to him.

Meanwhile, Sayali receives a huge order of sixty garland while Shobha asks her to keep her work on halt.

Sayali tells Shobha that she will be continuing with work even after marriage while Shobha asks her to consider Renuka before thinking all these things.

Then, Sayali tells her that she has already told Tejas that she would be working for her family even after wedding and he does not have any problem with it.

Shobha asks her to give more preference to her in-laws than her Baba’s house and says that she is struggling a lot for their family but now she wants her to start a new life.

Just then, Juhi reaches there and Sayali says that she is doing work for her and Dilip but still Juhi is doing work after which Juhi gives twenty thousand rupees to Sayali.

Sayali asks her from where she got so much money then Juhi tells her everything while Renuka and Paresh reach there.

After that, Renuka demands a hefty dowry in wedding and asks Shobha to give gold to Tejas which makes Shobha and Sayali anxious.

Paresh tells her that Sayali’s financial condition is not good after which Sakuntala that they are asking all these things because to show all the things in front of society.

Shobha brings fifty thousand rupees to give it to Renuka but Paresh asks her to not give but Shobha says that she wants to give the money.

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