Udne Ki Aasha 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Juhi making Sayali sit on the bed and Sayali asks her what is going on than Juhi asks her to not question anything to her.

She asks questions about this thing directly Sachin after that he comes there and brings food for Sayali and asks her to have it which surprises Sayali.

Juhi asks Sachin for this he calls Sayali over there then he tells her that Sayali has been doing work since morning, so he asks Juhi to feed Sayali and he goes from there.

Sayali becomes emotional and Juhi asks her why she is crying and says that these tears are of happiness and that it is good that she didn't get married to Tejas otherwise she would not have married such a good person like Sachin.

Then, Sayali says that God does everything for a reason, and he removed Tejas's mehendi and Sachin gave stars and moon to her after that he came there and admired the mehendi which he applied to her hand.

Later, Sayali visits the temple and asks for blessings from God and asks him to help her in every situation today she requires his extra support she goes back home and starts the preparation of decoration.

Sachin feels happy to see Sayali working so hard then Sayali becomes anxious, and she calls the person who was about to give her the certain flowers for the decoration, but he does not receive the call.

Juhi asks her to not panic whereas Renu becomes angry and asks where Sayali is and why she hasn't completed the decoration yet after that Sachin tells her that he only asked her to not do the decoration because Tejas would not approve so it would be good if he sees the decoration from his eyes.

Sachin asks Tejas to give the rent for using the cab after which Renu says that the wedding is at their house so why is he asking for money then Sachin says that he has dismissed the offer of free service now.

Paresh asks him what happened after which he tells him that he is his brother so he should not ask for money from him, but Sachin does not listen to him and says that he wants money from him.

Renu says that she will give the money to him and tells Tejas that they should have come in a big car instead of Sachin's car which makes him laugh while Renu asks Sayali to complete the decoration on time.

Sachin brings the items required by Sayali for the decoration and helps her at work and takes care of her which makes her feel happy.

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